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COMPUTEX 2024 is about to begin but NVIDIA was one step ahead of the exhibition through its own keynote.

NVIDIA Project G Assist

Although certain topics have been previously revealed or covered during the GTC 2024 event, there are a couple of more interesting tidbits that you might find mind-blowing or astonishing.

So here’s what they have released during the keynote or as part of their latest public blog.

  • Gaming – Project G-Assist uses generative AI to offer real-time assistance within games. Think of it as the context-understanding, best partner of your life for games as the model can respond to player inquires through gameplay mechanics and maybe in Dolores for a more immersive experience. And of course, it may be able to optimize performance settings as well.
  • Developers – With NVIDIA ACE NIM, the development of realistic and interactive digital characters on RTX devices for gaming, simulations, and customer service are incredibly streamlined, easy to develop, and integrate
  • Microsoft Partnership – NVIDIA and Microsoft are working together to bring Gen-AI into Windows applications with APIs that leverage NVIDIA GPUs being available to participating individuals to accelerate small language models for things like content creation and automation
  • RTX AI Toolkit – Designed to help users customize, optimize, and deploy AI models within RTX-powered PCs, the toolkit comes with pre-trained models, memory optimization tools, and streamlined workflow to help as many devs as possible
  • Content Creation – RTX AI acceleration will soon enter various partner software for better performance and brand-new features for content creators
  • RTX Remix is now open-source – Open-sourcing such a powerful tool means more developers and even stronger installed base users within the modding scene
  • RTX Video SDK Available – For devs seeking to have some wonky fun with RTX Video, this is the perfect chance to utilize and integrate RTX Video’s upscaling, sharpening, and HDR conversion capabilities directly into applications, benefiting video editors using DaVinci Resolve and Filmora.


With more resources available now than ever, NVIDIA and CEO Jensen Huang plans to end the question of “Chicken and Egg” by providing access to breaking tools and resources for pushing technology to the brink.

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