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The tablet market can be said as a different realm than the smartphone market because people would buy them due to needing more screen estate and features set to enable them to do more in the long run while minus something like cellular connection. Therefore, the price-to-performance ratio and the value they provide often play a much heavier role in dictating the success of these extra-large devices.

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Fortunately, OPPO realizes that due to the rise of demand in the tablet market thanks to the main contribution of the recent digitalization effort in education and hybrid working environment, many people are looking for one that at best, fulfills multiple forms of use cases such as being competent at work in the morning and great for video chill backs in the night at home.

Thus, the OPPO Pad Air is born, and it is what we have here today as we run you through how much is there to be enjoyed out of this single device of wonder that doesn’t tear one’s wallet apart just to afford it.

Thin, light, and stylish

OPPO Pad Air 2

The moment you pull out the device from the box, the ultra-thin body that is one of the thinnest in the market right strikes at your view with its 6.94mm body. Looking it at again, you may find it could actually be thinner than you expect but that’s all thanks to OPPO adopting an agile floating screen design that combines minimalist straight edges, a narrow middle frame, and yes, the floating screen to make it look real flat.

The agile design also creates strong support to hold the chassis in place so it doesn’t bend or curve as much. On the other hand, the 440g weight which is the lightest in the market compared to other devices of the same size, lets you carry it around without any problem with your hand or shoulders.

Oh yes, the tiled back panel with a textured finish feels good to both hold and brush upon and we have to give credit to OPPO for integrating the 3D texture design which OPPO called it Sunset Dune Texture to create a sleek look. Not only does it looks good but the curves work well in terms of slip resistance and are fingerprint-free.

Smooth transitions and crisp visuals

OPPO Pad Air 4

Oftentimes, the display of a tablet matters so much that it literally makes or breaks the deal. Therefore, the OPPO Pad Air is fitted with a 10.36-inch 2K IPS LCD screen that portrays great clarity and resolution of 2000 x 1200 in video-watching and gaming. Armed with a 120Hz sampling rate, you’ll get a nice responsive input while the NTSC 71% color gamut and 360 nits brightness will ensure you get nice colors to work around.

Brightness control is also one of the key factors to decide whether your screen outputs content with the correct contrast. With the 2049 dimming zones, the OPPO Pad Air can adjust down to under 20 nits which is pretty nice.

OPPO Pad Air 5

Enough with the entertainment stuff, the TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification is here to save you from excess eye fatigue when you work all day with it thanks to the reduced blue light output and proper brightness management.

Immersive surround audio

OPPO Pad Air 6

To deliver a great entertainment experience without having some dedicated audio equipment, OPPO managed to cram the Pad Air’s thin 6.9mm body with 4 speakers equipped 0.8cc sound chamber to create a true 3D surround sound coming from all directions so no matter where u sit, you’ll always get a wholly stereo sound. Adding Dolby Atmos to the mix, you’ll get even more out of these speakers when playing compatible video content. Directional audio is always one of the greatest audio techs there’s ever been.

Do more with all your devices in one go via Multi Screen Connect

OPPO Pad Air 7

Hate to swap between devices just to work on separate tasks? Then enjoy some convenience directly through the Multi-Screen Connect feature within ColorOS itself. With it, file sharing is easy as drag and drop and never miss a message or notification from your phone when it goes through to the OPPO Pad Air. What’s more, multitasking is more accessible than ever thanks to tabs being separately launchable and displayed all at once to you. Not only that, but the OPPO Pad Air is also equipped with smart interactive features like Split Screen Gesture, Four-finger Floating Window, and Smart Sidebar.

To learn more about it, you can refer to the video down below.

Efficient computing + Large chunk of portable power

OPPO Pad Air 8

The center brain of the tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 SoC which itself is a mid-range class silicon that provides decent amounts of computing power for multitasking while consuming power at a much more efficient rate. Combining that with the big pack of 7,100mAh battery, you can basically use it the entire day or multiple days without carrying a charger during less busy work times. What’s that? Forgot to charge? Well, the 18W fast charge will juice it up in time for your next meeting.


OPPO Pad Air 9

In conclusion, the OPPO Pad Air is designated to be one of the best jack-of-all-trades tablet device in 2022 that stands high in the value section due to the sheer amount of roles it can fulfil. Not only it is designed nicely and packed with features, the most important aspect is its reasonable price.

Feeling enticed to grab the OPPO Pad Air now? Then here’s a good news for you because the tablet is currently within the preorder phase until July 29 and you can place your order over at OPPO’s official online store and their Shopee page for the 4GB+64GB model while the 5GB+128GB variant will see Lazada getting added into the platform selection as well!

What’s more, if you pre-order the Reno8 Pro 5G, you can purchase the OPPO Pad Air with RM150 discount! So click the link down below to get to it right now!

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