The long await is finally here. Yesterday Pebble has new updates for their devices. The original Pebble which also known as Pebble Classic will now get their new Timeline UI, version 3.8. This include the Pebble Steel user as well.

For those who’s been using Pebble can now download their Pebble Time app to update their first-gen devices. The Timeline UI was first launch with their new Pebble Time which now support all their devices. However, for iOS user, you will need at least iPhone 4S to be able to use their new app.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Timeline 1
Timeline 2

The new timeline UI on Pebble Classic

The new version of the OS also now have Health app, but only for Pebble Time user at the time being. The new Health app features native activity tracking and detecting sleep phases. which is much more reliable than third party app like Misfit or Pebble UP. For those who’s using Android, you can also try Plexfit app which will sync to your Google Fit.

For those wanted the new Timeline OS can get the app at iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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