Philips is probably the one brand that many people wouldn’t be thinking about when it comes to PC monitors. Even I don’t – but Philips Monitor want to change that, and that’s why they’re bringing in 3 new monitors into the Malaysian market this April 2017.

What are the monitors?

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
  • BDM4037UW: The FIRST 40-inch 4K curved monitor, which is also the LARGEST curved monitor in the market.
  • 323E7QDAB: 32-inch IPS slim monitor with impressive design.
  • 278E8QJAW: 27-inch curved monitor with VA panel and Free-Sync technology.

Let’s have a look at each of the monitors in a little more detail.

BDM4037UW – First 40-inch 4K curved monitor


This is a monitor that Philips Monitor claims to be the world’s first 40-inch 4K curved monitor that is available in the market. Clocking in at 3840×2160 resolution, this is a curved monitor with HDMI 2.0 certification too. However, it uses a VA panel instead of IPS – so don’t expect top notch colour accuracy here.

Fueling the power of collaboration with the BDM4037UW is the feature called MultiView, as it allows up to 4 different computers to be connected to this monitor, with 1080p resolution for each computer. That is some serious use of real-estate!

For such a massive 4K display, Philips Monitor priced it at only RM 2,699. Pretty sweet deal!

323E7QDAB – New 32-inch E-Line series LCD display


The 323E7QDAB is a massive 32-inch flat IPS display with 1080p resolution, together with flicker-free technology, SmartImage Lite, and SmartContrast. Nothing out of the ordinary here, other than the super-massive screen.

The price for this massive 32-inch 1080p monitor is at RM 999.

278E8QJAW – Curved E-Line series


Here’s something for gamers. The 278E8QJAW has a 27-inch display with a curvature of 1800R, comes with Philips Monitor’s Ultra Wide-Color, Excellent Connectivity, Flicker-Free Technology, SmartImage, SmartContrast, and also AMD FreeSync for gamers.

However, the 278E8QJAW use a VA panel instead of IPS, and only as a refresh rate of 60Hz. Not too sure what’s going on here.

Anyway, the price for the 278E8QJAW is at RM 1,499.

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