ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502 Glacier Blue

Over the course of a few months, realme has a total of 4 different phones in the realme 5 family of devices. We’re leaving out the realme 5 Pro because that is a completely different smartphone, as said in our review here. We’re only going to focus on the differences of the realme 5, realme 5i, and also the realme 5s in this article.

When realme Malaysia announced the realme 5i, I saw the comments asking about the differences between these 3 phones. Since we have the privilege of reviewing all 3 phones (yes, we reviewed all 3) – we thought of making this table as a way to easily differentiate them from one another.

ASUS ZenBook 14 AMD
Realme 5
realme 5
realme 5 realme 5s realme 5i
Display 6.5-inch 720p IPS LCD
Notch? Yes, waterdrop notch
Chipset Snapdragon 665
Battery capacity 5,000mAh
Fast charging? No, 5V 2A max
Main camera resolution 12MP 48MP 12MP
Selfie camera resolution 13MP 13MP 8MP
Back design Diamond facet design Diamond facet design Textured wavy lines
Audio jack? Yes
RAM + storage? 3GB + 64GB
4GB + 128GB
4GB + 128GB 4GB + 64GB
Price 3GB RAM + 64GB @ RM499
4GB RAM + 128GB @ RM799
RM799 RM599

Now, there are some differences that set them apart from one another. Firstly, I will consider the realme 5 as the OG version as it was indeed released first out of the three. Based on all the data that we can find now, the realme 5 is available in two colors and two RAM + storage configurations.

realme 5s
realme 5s in red.

Then, the realme 5s came. The only notable difference is the 48MP main camera – and that’s it. If you care about aesthetics, then yes – it comes with a red color variant as well.

The realme 5i was just announced – and the only main highlight here is the price. There’s a justification to it – because of the downgraded selfie camera – from 13MP to 8MP – but an upgraded RAM and storage from the base model of the realme 5. So now, the realme 5i is slotted directly in between the two configurations of the realme 5 that are available in the market right now.

realme 5i
realme 5i in blue.

To choose between these 3 smartphones is quite simple. If you need a 48MP main camera, then go for the realme 5s. If you don’t need that 48MP camera, then perhaps is to think if you like to take selfies or not. I don’t believe higher megapixel count = better pictures, though.

So I think the easiest way to choose between the realme 5 and realme 5i, look at the RAM and storage you need. Honestly, it has a microSD card so the internal storage don’t really matter. Having 64GB is enough for most users. Just get another 128GB microSD card for pictures and videos – they’re cheap anyway.

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