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We all know how gaming is a big thing now, don’t we? eSports, gaming gears, and all those things are now flooding the market like never before! Gaming monitors, on the other hand, were around us since the early days of PC gaming. I mean more than 10 years. Since then, many new display technologies were introduced, and thus we have the AOC AGON AG322FCX gaming monitor.

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It’s not a joke – this box is humongous. I can’t go it alone! So instead, let me describe it to you. Lots of foam, lots of paperwork, the base, power cable, power brick, and two more cables for display. In my unit, the display cables they’ve included here is a very funny choice – a DisplayPort cable and voila, a VGA cable. Well, technically it’s useful – but on a monitor of such caliber?


It just feels a little… mismatched. But then again, VGA is still the most commonly-found port in PCs today, so it doesn’t hurt to have a VGA port and cable handy. Though I do wish that AOC does include a HDMI cable alongside with the DisplayPort too.

One DisplayPort cable, and another VGA cable. Weird choice.


In case you’re not interested in the full list of specs, then know this – the AOC AGON AG322FCX is a 31.5-inch monitor, with 1920×1080 resolution and a curved VA panel and LED backlight, with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate. Curvature is at 1800R.

Model Name AG322FCX
LCD Panel Type VA
Panel Size 31.5 Inch
Effective Viewing Area 698.4 (H) x 392.85 (V) (mm)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080 @144Hz
Smart Response Time 4ms (GtG)
Brightness (typical) 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio (typical) 3000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 80M:1
Viewing angle 178°(H)/178°(V)
Display Colours 16.7 Million
Scanning Frequency DP & HDMI 1.4: 30~160KHz (H) / 48~146Hz (V)
DVI Dual-Link: 30~160KHz (H) / 50~146Hz (V)
D-Sub: 30~83KHz (H) / 50~76Hz (V)
Signal Input DP 1.2 / HDMI 1.4 / DVI Dual-Link/D-Sub
Audio In/Out Earphone
Built-in Speakers NA
Ergonomic Tilt: 5.5°~23.5°
Power Power Source: 100- 240V 50/60Hz
On: 45W
Standby: 0.5W
Off: 0.5W
Power Supply: 20VDC 2.25A
Dimensions Product with stand 721 x 530 x 243 mm (WxHxD)
Packaging 838 x 240 x 635 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 9kg W/O packaging; 11.7 kg W/ packaging

As for the ports, the AOC AGON AG322FCX has a DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA port, and headphone jack.


Setting up

Yes, the monitor is actually very difficult to set up. Thanks to its humongous 31.5-inch panel, this monitor is seriously difficult to move around.

Setting up the base is very straight forward. Just align the base cap with the 4 screw holes and screw it in, then you’re done! Just make sure you have all the screws and screwdriver prepared before prepping the monitor, though. Else it’ll be difficult to find a place to settle the monitor down to grab those tools.

Anyway, the AOC AGON AG322FCX is also VESA-compliant, as there are 4 screws at the back of the monitor that detaches the display from its backbone stand.


In terms of the stand, it’s quite elegant. A thin arc of metal with quite an elevation from the floor. It’s good, as cables can be routed underneath the stand, if you like it that way. Features on this stand however, is pretty basic. There’s only a slight angle adjustment, and that’s it.


I really miss the one thing while using the AOC AGON AG322FCX – and that’s height adjustment. After setting up the monitor, it’s obvious that the monitor actually stands rather high up from the table. Now, the AOC AGON AG322FCX is a humongous monitor, so I understand the lack of the pivot to rotate this display. Also, since it’s a curved display, there’s just no need for a swiveling base mount.

On-screen display menu

For the AOC AGON AG322FCX, they implemented the navigation to be done entirely by one translucent joystick. 4 directions that it can be pushed and navigated to, and can be pressed down to press enter. This translucent joystick also glows mildly orange when on standby mode and glows mildly blue when it’s turned on.

There are some hotkeys too, where you can set these things – source, Shadow Control, Game Mode, LED colour and its intensity, and Power.


As for the menus, it’s actually very convoluted here. There are a lot of options to explore and to adjust, with options from Luminence, Image Setup, Colour Setup, Picture Boost, OSD Setup, Game Settings, and some other couple extra settings.

I just ended up going for default and set it to sRGB colour space instead, then headed on to OSD Setup and changed the DP Capability to DP1.2 – that’s the only mode where FreeSync works. By the way, there’s also another option to enable the blue light filter.

I find it a little weird, though, as AOC seemed to have stuck with the sRGB’s lesser-known criteria too – its brightness. So when I selected the AOC AGON AG322FCX to use sRGB colour space, its brightness will be locked down at a very bright level.

User experience

Firstly, I have to acknowledge the fact that this is indeed my first time using a curved screen monitor, and also the first monitor that’s so massive. With its curved display, I really have to align the center of the monitor perfectly well. That means it’s time to exercise my OCD senses to get everything straight and aligned!


After hooking everything up, I started Overwatch. First thing, I realized – the 144Hz refresh rate is fantastic. With such a humongous display, I can see way more details that I’ve missed, and I can aim with more granularity. That’s certainly an interesting point.

Pixel density is only 69 PPI, and the lack of sharpness can be seen when my face is close to the monitor. However, this can obviously be compensated by sitting a little further back, since this is a humongous screen after all.


Sitting further back poses another issue – if your headphone is connected to the monitor itself. Unless your headphone cable is long enough, then your headphone cable will just gets in the way of the keyboard.

Speaking of headphones, the AOC AGON AG322FCX comes with a little bar at the top right hand corner to hold your headphones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s very sturdily built too, by the way.


Then comes color accuracy. AOC claims that they have a wide color gamut with its 85% NTSC color space, which definitely proves one thing – this monitor isn’t suitable for professional color-sensitive work at all. Now, the colors are generally okay and the contrast is good, but its saturation on green color is a little lacking compared to red and blue.

But fear not – as these are merely nitpicks on the AOC AGON AG322FCX’s part. As a gaming monitor, it is really adequate for what its purpose.

Light strips

For me, the AOC AGON AG322FCX is a bold monitor. So bold, that there are ambient lights on the monitor. There is an underside light and a lot more lights at the back.


You can select up to 3 different colours with a total of 3 intensities – blue, red, or green, at high, medium, or low intensity. Of course, these lights are just for aesthetics only, and you can turn them off if you want to.


I feel like I’m greedy here to ask for more functionality, but having this ambient light can obviously be upgraded to a fully RGB lighting system, and syncing it with what’s on your screen. Obviously, I’m talking about having the LED light strips pulsating when I got shot while playing Overwatch, or glowing red lights when I’m low on health.


Wrapping up

The AOC AGON AG322FCX is actually a pretty good monitor. Lots of options and features to explore and play around, humongous curved screen, and solid aesthetics, and let’s not forget FreeSync and 144Hz too. The only drawback here is the pixel density at only 69 PPI. For me, it’s at a rather low sharpness level.


For the price of RM 1,889, this is definite a monitor that none shall mess with. I find myself laid back relaxing instead of getting my face up close to the screen, and that curved screen can actually negate the issue with viewing angles pretty nicely. If only the stand has height adjustment, it’ll be the even better.


Overall, this is a nice monitor for gamers.

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