ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


Update: Price update – G9X is RM 129, and the Tarasque is RM 99. For a limited time, Malaysians can purchase Alien IV G9X and get the Tarasque by topping up RM 1.

The parcel sent over by Armaggeddon got me pretty happy when I found out there’s a mouse inside since my Microsoft combo set mouse had an agonizing problem with the scroll wheel click what I’ve been living with for more than a year. I thought maybe this would be the replacement of my Microsoft mouse that has BlueTrack technology.

When Armaggeddon sent me their products, I have no idea how to review Tarasque at all. My main mouse is a wireless one by Microsoft, but since they want me to review then I’ll have to use their Alien IV G9X to test.

Since the Tarasque is a mouse bungee, I figured hey, why not combine both the products and do a 2-section review on that?

Let’s get on to it!

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