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Mechanical keyboards are really getting into the mainstream these few recent months, and day by day, it’s getting more and more crowded. The Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon is one of them. It’s a budget mechanical keyboard, and here’s what we think about it.

Let’s start with the packaging first. It’s fairly simple, to say the least. Nothing special in particular.

Acer Nitro 5

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Opening the box reveals the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon itself, wrapped in a piece of thin plastic. The wrappers gets the job done, but it’s nowhere near acceptable, in my opinion. There’s only some extra cardboard clearings at all the 4 edges, and that’s it.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon


Once everything has been dug out, it reveals the basics of what a mechanical keyboard should be shipped with. One tiny piece of user manual, a keycap remover, and the keyboard itself.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Might be a good idea to get another keycap remover though. The included one isn’t really that reliable.

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I have to say, the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon looks minimalist – with the LEDs off, of course. However, I don’t think that the design is clean. Sure, from afar it doesn’t look like there’s any type of funkily radical design, but if you look at at it at a closer distance, you’ll realize its exposed screws.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

The entire Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon has a Corsair K-series-esque feel to it. It’s plate-mounted and has no case. So, all the key switches are just mounted on a piece of what Armaggeddon claims to be a metal top panel and soldered all the pins on the PCB underneath the metal plate. To be honest, I don’t think it’s metal, because of the hollow sound it makes when I tapped on it.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

One thing I do like about its design is the caps lock LED being moved to somewhere near the arrow keys. Fits quite perfectly for a TKL keyboard. The other LED though, I have no idea what it does. It just doesn’t turn on, no matter what button I pressed.

There’s absolutely nothing to see underneath other than the single-tilt level rubber feet. The Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon does not have any sort of cable management routes, and the cable itself is slightly biased to the right side.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Also, what the heck are they thinking? Rubber bands to keep the cable intact? I expect at least a single cable tie, no matter how short it is.

[nextpage title=”Typing experience”]

Oh boy – there’s quite a lot to talk about in this section. Let’s break it down into three main parts – the key switch itself first, then the keycaps themselves, and finally the overall typing experience. Typing experiences are very personal, so I can only describe what I feel to you, so that you can judge it yourself.

Key switch

I have no idea where Armaggeddon found this company of key switches, but it’s called “CONTENT”. I can’t find any sort of product information for this keyswitch at all, so you’ll have to bear with my explanation here.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

The Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon is only available in Blue mechanical switch, according to their product page. They did not mention what switch it uses, so here is what I can tell you all.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Its “CONTENT” key switch is extremely light compared to its Kailh RGB Blue switch. That “slot” where a DIP LED is supposed to sit in is filled with plastic protruding from the key switch’s case. I have no idea why they filled it with plastic – presumably for diffusion.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

I feel that the key switch is also a lot more louder than other blue switches too.


This is where I think the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon really falls short. Armaggeddon touts that this keyboard uses their brand new KevlarTech key caps – a “high quality concave keycaps with lifetime fade proof warranty”. I quoted the sentence word by word from their product page, by the way.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon
Just have a look at its coarseness…

This is what I can tell you about this KevlarTech – the keycaps feel like coarse sandpaper on a piece of plastic. I’ve reviewed the Ducky One with PBT Dye-Sub keycaps before and that is really smooth.The basic Ducky One I personally use daily has a really fine grainy feel to it, which I personally find to be the best. You might like this super-coarse sandpaper-like texture, but personally I feel like it’s sanding my fingerprint away with every keystroke. Better than, you might be able to take a keycap and rub your fingernail on it to do some polishing.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Other than its texture, the build quality of the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon’s KevlarTech keycap just feels… cheap. It’s a very thin keycap, and we can only tell that thin keycaps generally make a much louder clacking noise when the key is bottomed out.

Also, the metal plate that all the key switches are mounted on feels plasticky – because each bottomed out keystroke sounds like it’s plastic hitting plastic.

Overall typing experience

I personally don’t like the typing experience – and there are a few main reasons. Firstly, the keycap’s texture. Secondly, the keycap’s thickness. Thirdly, the overall noise level per keystroke on the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

However, I do feel that the stabilizer used for its spacebar is quite good. Resembles a little like the Costar stabilizers.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

If you do have any further questions regarding the key switch, please do leave a comment in the comments section below – I read through every single one of it!

[nextpage title=”Features”]

Alright – the features. The Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon has a per-row colour backlighting with a total of 12 different backlighting modes.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

I think the “12 different backlight movement” on the user manual is quite exxaggerated. It’s actually just half of that,as it’s split between its different directions. Imagine a the lighting effect is a wave movement from left to right. Toggling the backlight key again changes its direction to right to left, and it’s considered a backlight mode.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

While that’s technically true, I think the per-row colour backlighting is a turn-off for some users. It doesn’t affect me however, as I really don’t like multi-coloured keyboards or mouse – be it RGB or something like the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon.

There’s one neat feature though – and that’s the arrow keys emulation by WASD keys by pressing FN+W. For my unit in particular, the other LED beside caps lock should indicate the FN+W status, but it just doesn’t light up. I think it’s a defect on my unit in particular.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Overall, features-wise is quite commendable – given that there are shortcut and multimedia keys on the function keys row.

[nextpage title=”Wrap up”]

The biggest question – is the Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon worth buying? I personally would say no. Till now, there’s no official Malaysian pricing yet, but according to their product page, it costs USD $50. For me, I wouldn’t pay that much.

Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

At the least, get a Ducky One with no backlighting – that’ll set you back about RM330 for its TKL version. I reviewed the backlit version here, but I can ensure you it’s the same as the non-backlit version and there’s no regret, if you chose the key switch of your choice that is. Maybe add the LEDs yourself if you wish to do so yourself – click here to check out my guide on how to do the keyboard LED mod.

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  1. Which one do you prefer the most, Armaggeddon MKA-5R or Armaggeddon MKA-3C? I’m planning to buy my first mechanical keyboard. The price for each of it doesn’t vary much(in shopee). Anyway, please excuse any grammatical errors.

    • It’s your first mechanical keyboard and I’d say better to buy a better mechanical keyboard – like the Cooler Master CK530.
      These two keyboards are… pretty old. Not really worth buying at all.

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