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Today, we have the Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III gaming mouse, which again is a mouthful and we’ll just refer it as the HAVOC III. What’s amazing here however, is the shape of the HAVOC III, which is quite similar to what I’ve been using all this time.

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Acer Nitro 5

The entire packaging of the HAVOC III is the same as its other mouse, the STARSHIP III, which we reviewed here. By same, I mean it’s exactly the same, including the colours and packaging style.

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The content is also the same – there’s the mouse itself, a small CD for the driver, a user manual, and a complete set of anti-friction feet replacements.

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The HAVOC III itself has a design that is very dear to me, because I really like this type of design and I’ve used it since the Gigabyte GM-M6880 mouse many years ago. When that Gigabyte mouse broke down, I got another similar one by Gigabyte, then stuck with my Microsoft Wireless Combo 3000 for a really long time, and in the end I got myself an ASUS RoG Gladius.

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Which the HAVOC III actually reminds me a lot of, mainly because I’ve used my ASUS RoG Gladius for nearly a year. The shape of these two mice are very similar to the Razer Deathadder, and even has similar number of buttons at the similar positions – that means a forward and back button on the left side, the basic left and right click at the top alongside with a 2D scroll wheel, and a DPI cycle switch right below the wheel.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (9)

This mouse is totally made specifically for right-handed people, as you can tell from the position of both forward and back buttons and the curved shape that it has.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (10)

LED lighting on the HAVOC III is what I’d say on much more attractive places, and at places where I can show off the LED on my mouse while I’m using it. Take the brand new Proteus Spectrum for example – that mouse has LEDs at unthinkable places where my palm would cover it entirely.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (12)

To which I would like to add that the glossy white colour on the HAVOC III matches its LED lighting effects very well, creating an elegant look to it. I do wish that Armaggeddon would consider about the end user’s sweaty palms and fingerprints all over, instead of going all out in aesthetics. ASUS RoG Gladius coped with sweaty hands very well with a matte black finish all around the mouse, but creates a stealth look instead.

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It felt a lot like home when I grabbed the HAVOC III for the first time, as it also uses Omron switches just like what the RoG Gladius is using. It felt absolutely fantastic to be honest. The ergonomic of this shape feels fantastic, although it is very clear that you’ll need large palms to get a fingertip or claw grip on a mouse of this shape and size. If you don’t have a large palm, it’s going to be palm grip only.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (5)

The HAVOC III has clicks very similar to the RoG Gladius, although the length of the click button isn’t as long as what the RoG Gladius has. The similarities between these two gaming mice however, ends here.

Now, let me nitpick heavily here. HAVOC III has some mushy side buttons, where there’s a good few milimeters to be pressed before the feeling of the switch is to be actuated is really felt. Same goes to the DPI cycle button at the top.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (6)

The scroll wheel feels like a ball of smooth rubber rolling on an untreated piece of wood. There is very little feeling only how much I actually rolled the scroll wheel, as it gives minimal tactile feedback. The scroll wheel click however, isn’t so mushy and has quite a good tactile feedback.

That aside, I feel that the RoG Gla- wait, this is the HAVOC III. They both feel very similar, albeit the temperature that the material gives off. The gloss finish on the HAVOC III is colder than the matte black finish on the RoG Gladius after some time, but once human heat is in contact for about 5 minutes, both of these gaming mice feel the same – again, except for the side buttons’ tactility.

I would like to stress again, a mouse with this shape and size is absolutely not ambidextrous. It’s meant only for right-handed users.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (13)

Side note here, I am concerned at how well the white-braided USB cable will last. Not in terms of its durability though, but how the braids are made with microscoping gaps in between. It’s going to trap dirt in it, and with dirt comes darkness – which will obviously affect the looks on this sleek looking white mouse with white braided cable, with beautiful RGB LED.

Speaking of the RGB LED, let’s proceed to the next part.

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This is an absolute hit and miss on Armaggeddon’s side. The software itself has a slew of settings, and for that I give them a total A+ accuracy on hitting all the things that gamers actually like.


The total miss here is the RGB LED settings itself. As you can see, there’s only 3 lighting modes, and each lighting mode has its own dial to tune its own parameter. However, I realized that they miss out the most basic feature of all – selecting what specific colour I want in single colour mode.

UPDATE : Upon feedback to Armaggeddon, they indeed have full RGB with 16.8 million colours for you to decide what colour you want, just that it’s a little confusing at this point. You’ll have to navigate to CPI settings and change the colour of the current CPI value instead. Nice idea, but execution is just confusing.


Earlier, I had it on green on single colour lighting because I was using 800 CPI, and fantastically it was at green the whole time.  So if I am to use single colour lighting mode and change to 1000 CPI, it’ll be orange, and cyan when I cycle it to 2000 CPI. You get the idea.

For some reason, the mouse only lights up in lime green on single colour mode, no matter what brightness I set it to. That’s what and where Armaggeddon’s programmers missed out.

Although I do like that they have firmware upgrades which can potentially fix this issue and have its RGB LED work properly with the mouse and software.

mouse update

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Sure, the HAVOC III has great ergonomic, and it followed one of the best mouse shapes available out there, or at least shown by the sales figures of mouse with aforementioned shape. The HAVOC III is available in 2 colours – either in white or black, but I’m not sure if the black one has the same glossy finish to it.

Armaggeddon SRO-5 HAVOC III (11)

In whichever case though, I nitpick on this mouse a lot, because I’m comparing with a mouse with very similar look and feel that costs nearly twice as much as the HAVOC III.

Speaking of the price, the HAVOC III only costs RM179 here in Lazada. Check it out here!


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