Hey – remember the world’s first liquid-cooled laptop? That was launched about a year and a half ago. That laptop is ridiculous for its time –  but that doesn’t stop ASUS from pushing the limit. Fast forward to now and there is actually quite a lot of difference in terms of hardware technology that’s available in the market. That’s where the brand new ASUS ROG GL701VI – specifically the G701VIK beastly gaming laptop fares out with the current top-of-the-line hardware available for mobile form factors.

It’s an insane gaming laptop, but we’ll try to make do it justice by taking a look at what the behemoth ASUS ROG G701VIK can do.


The box itself is a pain to deal with. The entire box with all the contents in it weighs more than 5 kilograms for sure, and it’s not small either. One tip before you unbox this monstrosity – make sure your desk has enough space first.

I’ll just lay it on the floor…

Opening up the box reveals the beast. Digging everything out reveals a humongous power brick, a power cord, a free ROG Sica mouse, and some documentation.


By the way, you’ll get a free ROG backpack to carry this giant along with your journeys. Unfortunately, we do not have that backpack in this review kit – which also made lugging around the humongous ASUS ROG G710VIK a very difficult task.


With that said, the I can’t help but highlight again – the power brick is seriously huge! Carrying it around will definitely be a problem. However, don’t think about leaving it behind and just take the laptop out. You’ll need both the ASUS ROG G701VIK and its power brick together.
More on why later, but take a guess. You’ll probably get it right.

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