This is a pre-release product sent over by ASUS. The final product will be different!

GK2000 Horus keyboard confirms that ASUS is moving all of their products to cope with their owl themed designs and aesthetics across all products. They can even incorporate an owl design into a keyboard – and that became the RoG GK2000 Horus mechanical keyboard. Named after the Egyptian’s falcon-headed god, I expect that the GK2000 is nothing less than a godly-leveled keyboard from ASUS.

Does it disappoint? Find out in this review!

We’ve unboxed the whole keyboard, and here’s a video just for you!

Yes, the box is humongous and it rarely fit my desk at all. Then comes the keyboard size – it’s also very big.

They did include many things too. As shown in the video, there’s a little box in there where substitute keycaps are found. Those keycaps are meant to substitute the usual F1 to F6 keys to the M1 and M6 keys. Talk about modularity! Of course, ASUS also included a keycap remover tool with the GK2000.

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