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Wireless earphones are on the rise in recent months. The main catalyst is thanks (or not) to the money-faced Apple with their brand new iPhone 7/Plus’s jackless design. Beyerdynamic is quick to jump in the respond with their Beyerdynamic Byron BT – a wireless pair of earbuds.

The one we’re reviewing here is the Beyerdynamic Byron BT. There’s another Beyerdynamic Byron BTA, which costs RM350 more, and it’s fundamentally different.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT

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Beyerdynamic’s packaging style has always been great. All the information is laid out on the box itself. It’s fairly a huge box too, actually.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT

This time around though, they didn’t include the “ENJOY” on the box’s flap – not sure why, but just thought I’d point that out.

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Opening the box reveals quite a lot of things, ranging from a protective leatherette pouch, a few eartips with different sizes to choose from, some documentation, a micro USB cable, and of course, the Beyerdynamic Byron BT itself.

Beyerdynamic Byron BT

One side note here – the micro USB cable that Beyerdynamic included is extremely stiff and thick! Even stiffer and thicker than those that come with high-end smartphones!

Beyerdynamic Byron BT

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