Beyerdynamic’s 2014 lineup of new earphones are something to look at – especially the DX series, which they claim are premium pair of earphones. Now, this does look and a lot like the DX 120 iE, but I can assure you that this pair of earphones is something that just blew my ears apart.

Let’s quickly get on to how awesome this pair of earphones is!
DSC_3741 copy


DSC_3742 copy

Offered in a style which I would say is their signature packaging design for this year’s new lineup of earphones, the size of the box is exactly the same as its younger sibling, the DX 120 iE, but touts a hard carrying case right off the bat.

At the back there’s a spec sheet that says the DX 160 iE has a frequency range of 10-25,000Hz, a nominal impedance of 47Ω and a sensitivity of 107dB. Nothing has changed much from the DX 120 iE, but that’s for a later part of this review.

DSC_3748 copy

Obviously it has the “ENJOY” tab. That really got me enjoying what they are offering.

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