When it comes to some mobile-specific pair of earphones, there aren’t much with an in-line switch and doesn’t rip wallet apart. The new Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE has entered that part of the market, but just how well does it work? Let’s find out.

DSC_3855 copyBeyerdynamic took the same approach over all their products that are released this year – that is with a simple packaging and a flap to open up, where you’ll find a window and look at what is it that you’re going to get.


DSC_3856 copyBased on the packaging, the MMX 102 iE looks like a small upgrade from the MXP 50 iE, but more on that later..

DSC_3857 copyYou get some of the basic accessories, the carrying bag that is the same as the DX 120 iE, three sizes of eartips like the MXP 50 iE, a cable clip that was found on both models of earphones, and also a VoIP connector which separates the audio/mic jack into its dedicated ports.

DSC_3842 copy

It has a 1.2 meter cable, 41Ω nominal impedance and the sensitivity of  105dB, a frequency range of 10Hz to 24kHz to go along with the 9mm speaker size.

DSC_3847 copy

You really do get more accessories from the MMX 102 iE, as it is usable even for video chats since it has the VoIP adapter, unlike the MXP 50 iE which doesn’t have them.

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