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Beyerdynamic released a bunch of new products this year, and this is the MXP 50 iE – the minimal, non-fancy pair of earphones but has a single-button in-line control with a microphone. That means this earphone has a 3-line audio jack!

With Beyerdynamic cutting all the extras away and releases a bare-minimum pair of earphones, it actually does come with a cheap price of just RM159. How exactly does it fare out for its price?

DSC_3723 copyBeyerdynamic did keep its packaging essence throughout all the products released this year – the MMX series and also the DX series; no exception even for the budget-oriented MXP 50 iE.

DSC_3725 copyYou still get the nice little window to look at what you’re getting, and here it shows the single-button in-line control, the earphones themselves and also the right-angled jack.

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  1. Thank you for giving detailed review by evaluating it against many different kind of songs. It is the most important information in an audio review. Every other reviewer can learn a thing or two from you.

  2. Thank you for giving a detailed review by evaluating it against different kind of songs. It is the most important thing part in an audio review.
    One question, how well does the cable insulate noise against rubbing to skin or cloth?

  3. Got it for like RM90. I must say its wayy better than the stock earphones! but ofcourse there are better than this. but i am satisfied.
    Please do more reviews on this kinds of earphones. Very hard to find reviews on low end branded earphones! Keep it up!


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