We saw this mouse appearing first at Computex 2018 – and it’s a mouse that we actually have in our test lab since then. The mouse is a testament to Cooler Master’s change in direction – they’re heading towards a direction where affordability is king while still having RGB flair with the Cooler Master CM310.

It’s a product that is highly affordable but with a few compromises. Let’s take a look at what those compromises are. Also, this is a mouse – not the Elite 310 case from years ago.


The color scheme for the Cooler Master CM310 is still within their new packaging design. Black color with purple accents as usual.

Cooler Master CM310

One big highlight here is the “flashy looks” that Cooler Master explicitly states. We’ll definitely take a look at how “flashy” the Cooler Master CM310 can be. Take note of the picture at the front of the packaging – the light is shining upwards too.

Cooler Master CM310

At the back is where Cooler Master shows off more details on its features. Only features and no definitely specs shown here. You’ll have to visit the CM310’s product page for the specs.

The packaging design is rather different. The sleeve slides out to reveal a box with a purple Cooler Master silhouette logo that opens from the front.

Cooler Master CM310

Also, the lid tells you to “make your gaming experience”, which is in line with Cooler Master’s “make it yours” mantra.

Cooler Master CM310

Immediately, we’re greeted with the CM310 itself seated in a large foam pad.

Cooler Master CM310

Opening up the packaging reveals the minimal amount of items inside. Just the CM310 itself alongside with a user manual and that’s it.

Cooler Master CM310


The overall design of the Cooler Master CM310 is rather interesting. It is an ambidextrous mouse design but the side buttons are only on the left side. If you want to use the side buttons, you’ll need to be a right-handed mouse user. Take the ZOWIE ZA and FK series for example – they’re both with ambidextrous shape but with buttons on both sides, making it a true ambidextrous mouse.

Cooler Master chose to create a “floating” top design with an RGB strip going around the entire perimeter. So that’s what Cooler Master meant by “flashy”.

Cooler Master CM310

The entire mouse is UV coated as well. It will be an issue when it comes to grease marks and sweat stains. Also, never wipe it with alcohol or else it’ll damage the coating.

Cooler Master CM310

The Cooler Master CM310 has a rubberized permanently-attached USB cable instead of braided ones.

Cooler Master CM310

Underneath the mouse we can see two large mouse feet and the sensor is at the center. Cooler Master did not disclose what sensor is being used here. The only detail we have is that it uses a “gaming grade optical sensor”.

Cooler Master CM310

Though, there something to be addressed. Remember that image of the mouse at the front of the box? Yeah, that. In reality, the CM310 will not have its perimeter RGB lighting shining through the top. This is how it looks like in the dark.

Also, the scroll wheel and CM logo lighting color cannot be changed and the colors are tied to specific DPI values – which brings us to the next point.

The lack of a software

That’s right – the Cooler Master CM310 does not have a software to control its lighting or DPI. Everything is done on the mouse itself. You can hold the right click button and press the side buttons to change the color and lighting speed.

There are 3 additional buttons below the scroll wheel, where you can change the DPI in increments of 500 and also cycle through the lighting modes that it has. Take a look at the user manual here.

Cooler Master CM310

A minor issue I have with the CM310 is the unconventional DPI values. Many other mice in the market have increments of 400DPI. Second minor issue that I have is the inability to change the RGB brightness. It’s locked down to whatever Cooler Master has locked it down to – which is quite bright.

There are a total of 5 different lighting modes and 3 different lighting speed to choose from. As for the choice of colors, you have 7 colors in total – but works only in breathing and static lighting mode.

Using the Cooler Master CM310

The Cooler Master CM310 comes with a Pixart A3328 sensor – not the highest end in the market. At first grip, the mouse is quite alright. For large hands like mine, the CM310 works in fingertip grip and claw grip. Maybe not palm grip since there is an arc curving upwards at the edge of the left and right clicker.

Cooler Master calibrated the CM310 to have 100g of weight, which they claim to be the “sweet spot for precision”

The overall clickiness of the mouse is fine. It’s silent and surprisingly pleasant to use. The side buttons are surprisingly good. I played Overwatch with this mouse and I didn’t find any issues with it. Sure, the DPI will need a little getting used to since I’m using it at 1000DPI. My usual DPI is at 800.

Wrapping up the Cooler Master CM310 review

Let’s first begin by talking about the price. The Cooler Master CM310 is priced at only RM99 – which is highly affordable. I mean, for the price, I can understand why Cooler Master didn’t have software to control the lighting, DPI, and to reprogram the buttons.

Cooler Master CM310

The CM310 is a simple mouse where you can plug in and use it straight away while controlling the DPI and lighting modes on the fly. That’s pretty much the gist of it. There are a few minor complaints here and there – but for the price, it’s a really good deal.

Where to buy?

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review-cooler-master-cm310The Cooler Master CM310 is a plug-and-play mouse with no software to control its features. The buttons are not programmable. It has an ambidextrous shape but the buttons aren't duplicated to the right side. However, for the price of just RM99, it's of great value.

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