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Today we have something out of the ordinary. When we were presented with all of ZOWIE’s peripherals, we saw something that needs addressing. ZOWIE only has one keyboard in the market – and that’s the Celeritas II that we reviewed here, but they have a total of 10 different mice. That’s excluding the different colors that each of the mouse has. With the amount of ZOWIE mouse available in the market, I’m sure there are users who are overwhelmed – like us.

Here we have a video explaining the entire family of ZOWIE mice that are made for eSports. You can buy all of these mice from BenQ’s official Lazada store here.

There are a total of 4 different series of mice – the ZA series, the FK series, the EC-A series, and also the EC-B series. Within each series, there are different sizes too. Every mouse from each of these series offer a unique flavor in terms of its shape and size.

Again, we’re here to introduce and guide you while demystifying what ZOWIE has to offer when it comes to their mice. Ultimately, I highly recommend you to grab the mouse with your own hands and try it out.

From left to right: ZA11, FK2, EC2-A, EC2-B

What do they have in common?

First off, the packaging. They all have similar packaging design and similar contents inside the box too. You get the mouse – obviously, a ZOWIE logo sticker, a “welcome to the club” card, an extra set of mouse feet, and a user manual.

We can’t wait to dig our hands in ZOWIE’s eSports-centric mice

All of these mice are plug-and-play too, and ZOWIE does not offer any sort of software to customize the buttons. There are a little bit of customization like polling rate and DPI settings, but they’re all done within the mouse itself.

All of these mice can switch between polling rates of 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. The DPI settings can be cycled between 400/800/1600/3200 dpi. The DPI setting is indicated by individual colors on the LED beneath the mouse – except for one series.

As ZOWIE is an eSports-centric brand, they aim to mitigate all distractions – including LEDs (except for one series) and drivers. Everything is plug and play.

ZOWIE ZA Series: Ambidextrous High-Profile

Here we have the ZA series. ZOWIE made the ZA series of mice to fit those who seek an ambidextrous high-profile mouse. It has side buttons on both sides, and you can swap between left or right side buttons by pressing buttons 2 + 3 and plug in the mouse to your PC. I highly recommend you to take a look at the user manual.


The ZOWIE ZA series is available in a total of 3 different sizes, as shown down below. All 3 different sizes are also available in white colors. The price of each and every one of the ZOWIE ZA mouse is priced at RM319.


ZOWIE FK Series: Ambidextrous Low-Profile

While some of us prefer a high-profile mouse, some of us actually prefer a low-profile one. That’s where the ZOWIE FK series comes in. In terms of features, it’s no different from the ZOWIE ZA series. Even the specs are the same. However, the main difference is in its shape. The profile is a lot thinner (or the butt, as I like to call it) and it gives claw grippers a lot of leeway in using the mouse.


The ZOWIE FK series comes in a total of 3 sizes too, as shown in the table below. Each of these mice also come in white variants, and all of them are priced at RM319.


ZOWIE EC-A Series: Ergonomic Right-Handed With LED

Wait – what? An LED on a ZOWIE product? That must be breaking news! Perhaps it is, as the ZOWIE EC-A series is the only series of mouse that has an LED on the scroll wheel. It uses an ergonomic right-handed design that – as the name suggests – made only for right-handed users. I personally like the shape a lot, but as I change the DPI setting, the color of the LED on the scroll wheel changes color as well. Also, there’s no option to dim the LED or disable it.


The EC-A series comes in a total of 2 sizes and they’re as highlighted below. Both sizes come in white color variants too (not available in Malaysia yet). They’re all priced at RM319.


ZOWIE EC-B Series: Ergonomic Right-Handed without LED

Last but definitely not the least is ZOWIE’s latest addition to their slew of eSports mice – the EC-B series. It has the same design, shape, and profile compared to what the EC-A series has, but changed its innards. The EC-B has a black scroll wheel with the DPI LED moved back down underneath the mouse, and adds another button and LED the polling rate. Also, the EC-B series is the only series of mouse from ZOWIE that’s using the Pixart PWM3360 sensor.


The EC-B series is available in a total of 2 sizes, and they’re also available in the CS:GO variant. They’re all priced at RM379 instead.


Which one should you pick?

Again, try the mouse out for yourself if you can. I can only tell you that for my personal preference, I’ve been using the ROG Gladius for a long time. Since I know mice with that shape suits me and I don’t like LEDs on the mouse, I went straight to try the EC-B series. From there, I tried both the EC1-B and EC2-B, and found out that my hand loves the EC2-B a lot. Hence, that’s the mouse for me.

If you are planning to get an ambidextrous mouse, then take a look at this comparison between the ZA and FK series. There is a huge amount of difference in terms of the height.

The difference between high- and low-profile is vast!

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to mouse and keyboard, and ZOWIE covers most of the mouse shapes, sizes, and profiles. Just need to make sure you find the right one – and this overview guides you to choose the perfect eSports mouse for you.

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