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Recently, Sudio sent over the new Sudio Ett – the company’s latest true wireless earbuds. With each new true wireless earbuds, there are always lots of upgrades. We’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and here are all the things we have to share regarding the new Sudio Ett.

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Sudio has once again upped the ante in their packaging experience. This time, we got a big black box with the name “Sudio” on it. Opening the tab reveals that we get a crossbody pouch, the Sudio Ett itself, a cardholder, and also a welcome memo. We did an unboxing video too.

Sudio Ett

The Sudio Ett comes in two rather unusual colors this time around. We have it in pink and also the new green color. Within the box comes with a lot of things inside. The packaging is kept simple yet its accessories are unlike anything we’ve seen before. We got:

  • The Sudio Ett itself
  • USB-C charging cable with matching color
  • Owner’s guide
  • A whole bunch of eartips

Sudio Ett

And that bunch of eartips is important to provide a good fit. They’re all sealed within this plastic shell which is the same as how the Jabra Elite 75t packaged their extra eartips. It’s great to see that Sudio is paying attention to comfort and sound.


In our unboxing video, we said that we’ll use the green-colored Sudio Ett for our review because it’s certainly a unique color. What I didn’t realize is that the green color looks… like army green. The army green color with the Sudio Ett’s rather squarish and bulky, which felt like a tank.

Sudio Ett

The Sudio Ett also charges via USB-C, which is placed on the left side because it can now be charged wirelessly.

Opening up the case reveals that he earbuds got a redesign too. It’s definitely bigger and thicker than the Sudio Fem, too. Combined with the new green color, it gave me an army vibe again.

Sudio Ett


Looking at these tanky earbuds, Sudio moved back to using buttons instead of having a big touchpad like what we’ve seen on the Sudio Fem. Question is – why?

We can think of a few. One, beads of sweat can trigger the touch panel. Two, accidental touches can be annoying. So, having a physical button is better. However, I do wish that Sudio made this button bigger and softer so that it is easy to press – like the Jabra Elite 75t that we reviewed here.

Sudio Ett

In terms of features, the buttons can only do these:

Gesture Left earbud Right earbud
Single-tap Play/pause
Double-tap Next track
Triple-tap Previous track
Hold 2 seconds Toggle ANC on/off
Hold 6 seconds Turn off

And there’s no way to enter pairing mode either – which made things complicated. The Sudio Ett can “remember” up to 8 connected devices but getting the devices connected initially is a problem. Also, transitioning between one device to another is not seamless at all. Its features are similar to the Jabra Elite 75t, but just not that well-executed.

Also, in the very rare event that you need to perform a factory reset, follow these steps.

Sudio Ett

Remember when we said that Sudio included a bunch of eartips? Well, Sudio shrunk down the number of different sizes to S, M, and L – but are available in either the traditional full-height or half-height.

Sudio Ett

Being able to choose between full- or half-height is great for users who might have sensitive ear canals while providing a nice seal for noise isolation.

ANC and passthrough modes

Ah yes, Sudio finally added ANC to their true wireless earbuds. The new Sudio Ett has ANC and it’s rather good. It managed to cancel a lot of surrounding noise. To toggle ANC on or off is by pressing either earbud’s button by 2 seconds – but it only tells you that it has been turned on, not turned off, which was weird to me.

Sudio Ett

Then comes the passthrough mode. It’s a weird one because passthrough mode is automatically enabled when you enter a call. Once again, it works fine – but why take control away from the user?

I think Sudio should just give the user the ability to control both ANC and passthrough mode themselves. That way, we can use passthrough mode without entering a call – which is something that I will do because I still want to listen to music while crossing a busy road.

Sudio Ett

Using the Sudio Ett

When you receive your Sudio Ett, please take the time to find which eartip fits your ears. For me, I changed to the M-sized, full-height eartips since that fits my ear the best. Then, I paired it to my phone and had about 10 hours of burn-in period.

Overall, the bass is good on the Sudio Ett. It really vibrates and thumps hard, and I enjoyed the bass overall. Seems like this is the Sudio sound signature.

Sudio Ett

The mids and vocals are definitely dragged down to the lower frequencies a little. Still, it’s not mixed up or muffled by the bass – which is a good sign.

As for the highs, it’s not as sharp or sparkly but it is comfortable to listen to music with. Overall, I quite enjoy my time listening to music with the Sudio Ett.

There’s ANC if I want to filter out most of the surrounding noise, but I do wish that I have the option to toggle passthrough mode instead of it being automatic.

Battery life

The battery life is quite decent. With ANC turned off, we got about 7 hours of playtime, and with ANC turned on, we got about 6 hours instead. However, it’s always the left side that runs out of battery first while the right side still has quite a lot of juice left.

Sudio Ett

The rather tanky case also provided nearly 3 more charges – which totals up to around 24 hours of playtime. Furthermore, the Sudio Ett can be charged wirelessly too. A convenient feature to have.

Wrapping the Sudio Ett review

The price of the new Sudio Ett is at RM699. It seems like a steep price and it’s actually not. It’s only RM50 more than the previous generation Sudio Fem, and it comes with a lot of new features and improvements – particularly the eartips, the inclusion of ANC, and passthrough modes.

Sudio Ett

I just wish that Sudio would give us users the option to enable passthrough mode even when we’re not in a call. And maybe an app for us to tune the EQ and manage its features, too? Gestures are getting more complicated as the list of features grows.

So, if you’re already looking to get the Sudio Fem, then just upgrade to the Sudio Ett because there are so many more features and it is much more comfortable, too.

Where to buy?

As a part of Hari Raya promotion, you can get a 15% discount on the Sudio Ett and also receive a free Sudio Tote Bag, free cardholder wallet, free gift wrapping, and also free delivery to anywhere in the world. Just enter the voucher code ETT2020 at checkout at

Also, Sudio upgraded their return policy from 14 days to 30 days. The shipping fees are to be covered by the customer (except JP and KR) and this new policy is valid for purchases from 7th April 2020.

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