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Let’s be honest – the genuine Cherry MX switches have been around for years, and they’re experts when it comes to these mechanical keyboard switches. That said, these switches aren’t cheap at all – even when they are a lot of copycats out there. Enter the Ducky One – Ducky’s very own low-priced mechanical keyboard with 100% genuine Cherry MX switches. In this particular review is the Ducky One TKL with blue LED backlight, which is known as the DKON1687S.

We’ve also reviewed the Ducky One with PBT Dye-Sub keycaps (DKON1508) (click here) and the Ducky One TKL RGB (click here). Check them out, and let me know which one is your favourite down in the comments below!

Ducky One TKL DKON1687S (1)

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Nothing fancy on the box itself though, as the box only says it’s a Ducky One with minimal fancy-looking graphics.

Ducky One TKL DKON1687S (2)

At the side of the box is all the other necessary information of the content itself, ranging from the colour of the switch that the keyboard has, the backlighting (if there is any), and finally the case colour. These are particularly important, as you really don’t want to pick up the wrong keyboard.

Ducky One TKL DKON1687S (3)

Opening the box reveals the Ducky One that’s snugly covered with a plastic cover, and a Ducky logo-shaped keycap puller. As far as I know there’s another extra Menu keycap to swap out the Fn key, since there’s a DIP switch at the bottom of the keyboard to fundamentally change the function of the Ducky One itself.

Ducky One TKL DKON1687S (4)

Digging under the Ducky One keyboard itself is the usual documentation alongside with a warranty card, and a nicely tied up micro USB cable that is gold-plated on both ends.

Ducky One TKL DKON1687S (12)


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