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[alert type=”warning” icon-size=”normal”]For full details on how is the design of the Ducky One TKL RGB, check out this review of another Ducky One TKL which we did here. Same goes to the typing experience that you can check out here – because it’s quite similar. We’ll be skipping these two parts in this review.[/alert]

Hey – it’s another keyboard from the Ducky One family of mechanical keyboards with genuine Cherry MX switches! Yes, that’s right, but this time it’ll be using an RGB variant of the Cherry MX switch instead.

Enter the Ducky One TKL RGB mechanical keyboard. It’s one of the keyboard that’s highly sought in the market, and it’s really interested to see such fireworks displayed from a mechanical keyboard too. I unboxed it on Facebook Live last week too – and we’ll surely be doing more of these in the future. So please do follow us on Facebook!

Here’s the entire packaging of the Ducky One TKL RGB. It looks completely the same as before, except for a much more colourful Ducky logo and font all over the front.

Ducky One TKL RGB (15)

Opening the package up shows nothing different either from its entire Ducky One family of keyboards either (reviewed Ducky One TKL single-colour LED here, reviewed Ducky One PBT Dye-Sub here) – a keycap puller, a warranty card, micro USB cable, the keyboard itself, and a plastic cover.

The keyboard doesn’t have any significant weight difference compared to its non-backlit brother (which I own and use one personally). Ducky also maintained the chassis from its other Ducky One series of keyboards too, including all of the cable management holes.

The other difference in terms of design is the piece of plate where all the switches are mounted on is white instead. This is of course to help in the reflection of light emitting from the base of the Cherry MX key switches. More on this later, but now let’s move on.

Quick note though – the Ducky One TKL RGB comes with a red PCB instead of its usual blue colour in the other two Ducky One TKL variants. This is obvious on the DIP switch.

Ducky One TKL RGB (7)

[nextpage title=”Features”]The Ducky One TKL RGB is more of a variant of the original Ducky One TKL, but with way more lights and cool effects built into it. These additional features are of course identical to what we’ve previously reviewed on the Ducky One TKL keyboard too.

Ducky One TKL RGB (6)

However, with the biggest and most important change between the Ducky One TKL RGB and the others is of course the RGB lighting itself. With its other RGB backlit keyboard rivals like Corsair and Cooler Master, they boast that their keyboards can light up in nearly 16.8 million different colours! Obviously they’re mentioning all the available colours for computer vision in RGB colour space.

Ducky One TKL RGB (14)

Also, the RGB variants of Cherry MX switches do not have any hole for LED holes to poke through and solder onto the board manually. This is because Cherry MX RGB key switches use surface-mounted RGB LEDs instead. One side effect of this though, is the again with the backlight leaking – most prominently on the space bar.

Ducky One TKL RGB (10)

We’ve prepared quite a length video with some rants and my issues with the Ducky One TKL RGB – but I’m particularly unhappy with the lack of brightness selection on the keyboard itself. Ducky – seriously, if you’re going to make a keyboard with such extensive amounts of features, at least create an optional software to control and record these lighting and settings. Make it completely optional – just for value-adding.

[nextpage title=”Wrap up”]We’ve said what we want to say about the Ducky One TKL – and it’s all good. There’s one unescapable gripe though – Cherry MX RGB variants of its mechanical switches feel different compared to its classic counterparts. Using the Ducky One TKL RGB with RGB Brown switch and comparing it side-by-side with my Ducky One TKL with classic Brown switch feels so different. The RGB Brown switch feels a lot like a classical Red linear switch instead, losing its tactile feedback. However, Ducky is not to the one to blame at all, and they can’t control it either. Anyway, this is our final conclusion of the Ducky One TKL RGB.

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