When it comes to audio product form factors, the soundbar is pretty new, actually. It’s literally a bar that produces sound. Many have ventured into the soundbar market, and here comes the Edifier CineSound B1, a budget soundbar.


I have to say, the box itself is a pretty new experience for me. The box itself is definitely very long – to be point where I can literally just take the box and hug it.

Edifier CineSound B1

The box itself is with a simple design, and stickers showing us what to expect to find inside the box. And yes, the Edifier CineSound B1 is 100cm in length – in other words, a meter long.

Edifier CineSound B1

Of course, there are some feature highlights too.

Opening up the entire box reveals a rather interesting packaging design. There’s a semitransparent plastic strip that runs along the entire length of the speaker, telling you how to wall mount the Edifier CineSound B1. More on this later.

Edifier CineSound B1

Digging everything out reveals just a few included items within the box – some documentation including warranty, an RCA to male 3.5mm audio jack cable, an RCA to female 3.5mm audio jack (something that’s not seen every day), a remote control, and the soundbar itself. Pretty simple.

Edifier CineSound B1

Everything is wrapped in plastic – including the soundbar itself. One thing I appreciate Edifier did is the folded cellophane on the plastic cover itself. Seriously, it might seem like a small thing, but at least now I don’t have to whip out my knife and slice through the plastic. Moreover, I can actually reuse the plastic!


Soundbars typically all have the same shape – it’s long and it has a lot of holes when the grill is removed. Some soundbars are a little fancy as it has a rounded or circular design with a flat bottom instead. These all designs are feasible, as it can definitely help in aiming the sound directly towards the listener’s ears.

The Edifier CineSound B1 took a rather fancy geometry, as its housing is actually a reuleaux-shaped triangle with a flat bottom. The speaker is slightly angled, thus making it suitable for TV uses as you’ll be sitting a lot further than you’d normally would in front of a PC.

Edifier CineSound B1

The Edifier CineSound B1 takes on a jet black design with a cloth grill covering the entire length of the speaker. There’s a subtle LED indicator light underneath the center of the grill, where the Edifier logo is found. This LED indicator is, of course, to indicate the modes, of course. Green LED means the source is from line-in, whereas red LED means it’s in aux mode.

Speaking of that LED, let’s remove the grill and have a look what’s underneath.

Edifier CineSound B1

On each side of the speaker, you’ll find two woofers and a single tweeter on the far edge.

Edifier CineSound B1
So many emojis…

At the center of it is where the LEDs are found – the red/green indicator LED and also the infrared receiver LED (in black).


Let’s first take a look at the back of the Edifier CineSound B1. Ah, so it does have a total of 3 ports behind the speaker – an RCA line-in, a 3.5mm audio jack for aux, and another sub-out for an external subwoofer. It’s not easy to find a subwoofer with this jack, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to get the Edifier CineSound B1 soundbar and plug in a subwoofer later.

Edifier CineSound B1

Anyway, the Edifier CineSound B1 comes with a remote control that has a total of 3 different modes to choose from – News, Movie, and 3D modes. News mode mutes the highs and lows and focuses only on the vocal range – which makes sense since you’ll want to hear the news by using News mode anyway. That means the response frequency is quite flat and boring to listen to.

Then there’s the Movie mode. I personally find the Movie mode is the most balanced mode for both movies and music listening, actually. Highs, mids, and lows are balanced – which made it pretty much the go-to mode for me.

Last but certainly not the least, is the 3D mode. This is something funky, as it warps the sound it produces in a way that it feels like the sound is projected much farther away than it should have. It sounds like the entire soundstage was morphed as everything now sounds further from you, yet lumped together.

Using the Edifier CineSound B1

I have to say, the Edifier CineSound B1 is actually pretty easy to use. I just hooked it up, turned it on and started playing music in in-line audio mode. Right after that, I took the remote and explored around all 3 modes. Right away, I’ve settled in for Movie mode.

The buttons on the far right-hand side of the Edifier CineSound B1 is accessible and intuitive, too.

Edifier CineSound B1

Listening test

So the biggest question is – how does the Edifier CineSound B1 sound? Quite good, depending on what type of music you’re listening to. As mentioned before, the Edifier CineSound B1 does not have a dedicated subwoofer, so thumping bass wouldn’t be present here.

Even Edifier has rated the Edifier CineSound B1’s frequency response to be in the range of 70Hz to 20kHz.

With that said, the sound that this soundbar produces is actually pretty good. Vocals, mids, and highs are particularly clear. Maybe this is thanks to Edifier’s choice to use their Eagle Eye tweeters. The sound it produces within that frequency range is very clear, partly thanks to its high signal-to-noise ratio of at least 85dBa. That said, I can’t hear any distortion from the Edifier CineSound B1 at high volumes!

I’ve mainly enjoyed all genres of music on the Edifier CineSound B1 – particularly on orchestral music. The mids and highs are perfect for waltz music. Bassy music such as electronic or EDM is a little lacking in bass, since it doesn’t have a subwoofer to begin with.

While using 3D mode, the sound it produces can actually be projected very far and can go up to very high volumes. Sure, it might sound a little weird but at faraway distances, everything just sounds like it’s coming from a mono speaker anyway.

Wrapping up the Edifier CineSound B1 review

So what can I say about the Edifier CineSound B1 overall? It’s a sleek soundbar that has great mids and highs. There is no thumping bass as it doesn’t have a subwoofer. Feature-wise, it’s pretty basic when it comes to connectivity. The 3 modes that it has? I’ll personally only use 3D mode and Movie mode.

Edifier CineSound B1
Let’s not forget it has a built-in bracket that you can use to wall-mount the Edifier CineSound B1 once you get it out of the box.

The only downside? I’d say is the subwoofer port. Seriously, it’s not simple to find a subwoofer with that port.

What’s best is that the Edifier CineSound B1 is now priced at only RM259 over at Lazada. Yes – that’s for real.

  • Pros
    • Sleekly designed speaker
    • Great mids and highs
    • Fantastic price
  • Cons
    • Difficult to find compatible external subwoofer

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