It’s been a while since we last looked at a headphone. The Edifier G2 Engage arrived at our labs and I have to wonder – Edifier actually has a gaming lineup of audio products?

Before we begin, here’s a  little clarification. The one we’re reviewing here is the Edifier G2 Engage, also known as Hecate. There is another non-Engage version which is the predecessor, also known as the Gammatera.

Now, let’s have a look at it.


It’s no surprise that judging by the packaging itself, the Edifier G2 Engage is meant to be a more budget-oriented pair of gaming headphones.

Edifier G2 Engage

Upon first look, Edifier employed a rather simplistic design to fancy up the aesthetics by including a sleeve that slips in the main box. Not too shabby, since they did take the extra effort to make it look nice.

Edifier G2 Engage

Opening up the sheath and digging everything out reveals one single item in the box – just the Edifier G2 Engage itself. Cable is not detachable, by the way. To my surprise, there’s no documentation in the box!

Edifier G2 Engage

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