At this point of time, we can see that smartphones that are priced under RM1,000 are very capable of running games like PUBG Mobile – a game that requires communication to ensure a win. And also to have a good time with your friends and talk about life while enjoying the game.

With that said, the Edifier GM3SE comes with a rather interesting design – it is a gaming earset with a removable microphone on the left earbud.

Let’s start off by changing things up a little. Instead of telling you what and how the Edifier GM3SE looks and functions, let’s take a look at a video instead.

The entire GM3SE is made based on one premise – for gaming on the go while providing great audio quality alongside with comfort. Let me go on and tell you why I say so.

Firstly, the Edifier GM3SE has a total of 2 microphones, actually. There is an in-line microphone just like any other earphones, and then there is also another removable microphone. This microphone can be bent and reach the edge of your mouth and is able to pick up your voice pretty clearly, too.

Edifier GM3SE

Of course, it comes with the usual accessories as well – like multiple eartip sizes. There are also multiple wingtip sizes as the wingtip ensures that the earphones do not fall off the ear – even during rigorous gaming sessions.

Edifier GM3SE

In the video, we only used the GM3SE for mobile gaming. Actually, the GM3SE does come with a TRRS to audio/mic splitter cable as well – which means it works for PC/laptops too.

Edifier GM3SE

The Edifier GM3SE is also suitable for music too, obviously. The frequency response is a heavy towards the bass side, and that is because driver is larger in size too. When you are listening to bass-heavy music, you can actually feel the earbuds vibrate.

Edifier GM3SE

Many of us wouldn’t want to have the microphone sticking out to our mouths when we are wearing earphones in the public – and that is why the Edifier GM3SE comes with a pouch too. This is where you can keep all the accessories and the microphone for the GM3SE too.

Honestly speaking the Edifier GM3SE is priced at RM149, and there is nothing that I want to complain about. The overall build quality is well thought out and it works really well for gaming and for music as well. Click here to head over to Lazada.

Edifier GM3SE

I can recommend you and everyone else to purchase the Edifier GM3SE even if you do not play games.

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