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It’s rare that I am to speak highly of a Bluetooth speaker. Personally, I’m more of a 2.1 speaker guy than any other piece of audio device. I do have Bluetooth speakers lying around the room or house so I can grab and connect to one whenever I wish. There was never one true favorite Bluetooth speaker – but the Edifier MP233 changes that.


Edifier MP233

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The box itself is rather stylish. It’s not a typical cardboard box, but instead, the Edifier MP233 comes in a hard plastic case, sealed with tape.

Edifier MP233

Opening up the box reveals the Edifier MP233 in its own seat. Very nice presentation overall.

Edifier MP233

After digging everything out, I see a few interesting things included. There are documentations, a microUSB cable as usual, a nice right-angled aux audio jack, and this time, Edifier included a lanyard too. Nothing too fancy, but I’m glad they included it.

Edifier MP233

For me personally, I’ll definitely reuse the Edifier MP233’s box – just because it’s nice. Sometimes it’s good to have a transparent container so that I know what’s inside without opening it up. Also, it has some sort of sentimental value to me, since the unboxing experience is certainly something special.


Let’s talk about the colors first. The Edifier MP233 is available in a total of 5 different colors – black, blue, yellow, red, and white. The one I have here is yellow if you haven’t realized that already.

Edifier MP233

The design is symmetrical from left to right and even to the back. It has the shape of a rice grain when I look at it from the top.

Edifier MP233

While this speaker is indeed symmetrical, there is indeed a front side. Luckily, this is easily determined by looking at the buttons at the top and reorient them correctly. And hey – it only weighs in at about 343 grams only.

Edifier MP233
Potentially great audio hardware for its weight? We’ll find out soon enough…

The yellow color is supremely striking – and the yellow that I got here is extremely bright. Just like a genetically-modified ripe banana! I know someone who has a strong fetish for yellow color – and he’ll definitely love this shade of bright yellow.

Edifier MP233

At the side, you can find the seam where two halves meet. This is where the Edifier MP233’s little lanyard loop is found. The included lanyard is already great as I can put my hand through the loop and carry it everywhere.

Edifier MP233
The seams could be closed a little more seamlessly (of course) to hide that little split.


For all I can say, the Edifier MP233 comes with a heap ton of features. You can answer calls, control music, and control its volume with those buttons at the top. They’re fantastically tactile and pleasing to press, by the way. Maybe not so pleasing on the call button, since it’s a little too thin – but I can foresee it’s the least pressed button after all, at least for me.

Edifier MP233

At the back of the speaker is where the on/off button and all of the I/O are found. You can also change your source of music through this button too – be it Bluetooth, microSD card, or aux. Your wish.

Edifier MP233

To be frank, I’m really impressed by what Edifier has done to the MP233 when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. In the past, I’ve mentioned while their Bluetooth connection works fine, forcing it to pair with another device while connected to a device is pretty annoying. They’ve fixed that issue here – and it’s perfect. Just hold the “call” button and it’ll enter pairing mode again!

And hey – Edifier even included NFC this time around. I swiped my phone on it and beep! It’s connected!

Edifier MP233

How does the Edifier MP233 translate to real world usage, though?

Using the Edifier MP233

In the shortest summary, I love it. It’s relatively tiny and has some heft to it – but that lanyard can really help mitigate any sort of inconvenience that it poses. It’s really pleasing to look at, and given the Edifier MP233’s shape, I can easily slip it in my bag without worries.

Edifier MP233

In the features part, I did mention about the Edifier MP233’s much-improved Bluetooth connectivity. It’s now functioning as how I want a Bluetooth audio device to work. It can go into pairing mode even when a device is connected to it. Track seeking works flawlessly. It can even take calls!

Edifier MP233

As a bonus feature, if you copied folders upon folders of music into the microSD card and plugged it into the Edifier MP233, it can skip folders instead of tracks. Folders! Many other Bluetooth speakers will require you to skip track by track until another folder is reached!

Once that’s settled, it’s pretty straightforward. Connect to the Edifier MP233 via the medium of your choice. I chose Bluetooth, and again thanks to its much-improved Bluetooth connectivity, it’s much easier.

Sound quality of the Edifier MP233

Now, how about that sound quality? Firstly, you’ll need to know where is the front and back of the speaker. Luckily, easily identifiable – just look at where the on/off button is, and that’s the back of the speaker. Why is this important, you asked? It’s because the back is where the subwoofer is located. If you don’t want to listen to bass only, then make sure the orientation is correct.

Edifier MP233
This is the back, by the way. Under certain conditions, the oblong-shaped subwoofer can actually be seen.

With that out of the way, fired up my usual music for the listening test. Adventure Time by Rogue was the first, and I’m surprised by the sound it produced. Its bass isn’t that thumpingly strong like the Elysium Zeon III, but it’s at an enjoyable level already. Its mids and highs and overall frequency response, however, is where the Edifier MP233 really shines.

I hooked up some Whitney Houston and have a listen – and I was surprised by what it can do! Her magnificent voice in I Have Nothing was enjoyed by my ears in a surprisingly loud volume too. There weren’t any distortions at all.

Listening to my other slew of music reveals that the Edifier MP233 struck a fine balance between its bass, mids, and highs. I’m really surprised that vocal sound reproduction is on point too. This is just fantastic.

Battery life?

I have to admit – this isn’t the Bluetooth speaker with the longest battery life – but it can last long enough that I don’t mind to have to charge it daily after a prolonged heavy usage. It can go 8 hours easily on a moderately comfortable volume for listening – and I’m happy with that.

Edifier MP233
Thanks Edifier for printing out all of the buttons’ functions at the bottom!

Charging speeds are alright since it can take in 5V 2A. Most of our smartphone chargers these days can do 5V at 2A without issues. Nothing too major here – at least the Edifier didn’t cap at 5V 1A.

Wrapping up the Edifier MP233 review

I can only tell you that the Edifier MP233 is a rather small-sized Bluetooth speaker that gets all of the important aspects of a Bluetooth speaker right. Great frequency response with no signs of distortion at high volumes, minimalist shape for a Bluetooth speaker, and great battery life.

Edifier MP233

Priced at only RM169 here at Lazada it’s truly a very low-priced-yet-fantastic piece of Bluetooth speaker that we can all go out today and purchase now, and have little to no complaints after that. Seriously, I’m very happy with the Edifier MP233.

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