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The Edifier TWS6. Believe it or not, I’ve had it for about 3 months now. I’m someone who’s spoiled for choice as I have a slew of true wireless earbuds on my table. I can simply take one and instantly listen to music on my phone. The Edifier TWS6 remains to be my go-to pair of true wireless earbuds if I want to enjoy music without fiddling with any apps.

The Edifier TWS6 boasts a lot of impressive specs on the packaging itself. With such big shoes to fill, is the Edifier TWS6 worth it – even months after its release? Spoiler alert: yes.

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Edifier TWS6

Edifier made the box very special this time around. It is a premium-designed box that unfolds and reveals itself. From here, we get a lot of things:

  • The Edifier TWS6 earbuds
  • The charging case itself
  • Two sets of different silicone eartips
  • Two sets of earfoam tips
  • Additional wingtips
  • User manual

Edifier TWS6


When I first saw the Edifier TWS6, I questioned the charging case’s size. It’s tall and slim, and the lid opens up way at the top. The case is made out of glossy black plastic which I am totally not a fan of since it gets scratched up easily.

Edifier TWS6

Edifier did a great job on the hinge as it effortlessly opens and locks into an open position. But closing the lid is another different story as the earbuds themselves get snagged on the lid. Sometimes, because the buds got snagged by the lid, the earbuds go out of alignment and the charging pins don’t connect.

Edifier TWS6

Speaking of the earbuds, they’re fairly simple in terms of design. Edifier included wingtips which is something that I truly appreciate as I have been complaining that wingtip is the key component to keep the earbuds from falling out so easily.

Edifier TWS6

Edifier has a total of 3 different sizes of wingtips – which is extremely difficult to put on or remove. So try to put on the correct wingtip size on the first try.

Foam tips are also a great addition though you should change it after a few short months of use to prevent infection. It’s a hygiene thing that silicone eartips don’t have to deal with.


As the title says, it’s a no-frills pair of true wireless earbuds. There is no additional app to connect with the TWS6.

The only “features” available on the Edifier TWS6 are these:

  • Double-tap the left side for voice assistant
  • Double-tap on the right side to play/pause music

And yet the sensitivity of the touch panel on the Edifier TWS6 isn’t exactly that good either. I much prefer to take out my phone and control my music from there instead.

Using the Edifier TWS6

The Edifier TWS6 has a clear vision of what it wanted to be. Its main purpose is to sound good. Everything else is unimportant.

The Edifier TWS6 boasts that it’s using Knowles Balanced Armatures and hey – it truly shows. The clarity of the Edifier TWS6 is just amazing.

Edifier TWS6

From what I have tested, the Edifier TWS6 is skewed towards bass. The vibrations sound great and the bass punches firmly too. Vocals are also decent on the TWS6. It’s obviously dragged into the lower frequencies a little but still, it sounds enjoyable. Treble isn’t as bright, but they’re comfortable to listen to.

Battery life?

I got about 6 hours on a single charge. It’s fairly decent in terms of battery life but I truly don’t like how wonky is the charging since closing the lid will cause the pins to disconnect.

To charge the Edifier TWS6, there are two ways – either connecting the USB-C port at the bottom or through wireless charging. Yes – the Edifier TWS6 does support Qi wireless charging too, which is handy if I ever wanted to charge the earbuds with my phone.

Edifier TWS6

I should mention that the Edifier TWS6 smells like burned electronics whenever I open the case. According to Edifier, it is because of the wireless charging coil shielding that gets heated up and produces this foul stench. I was reassured multiple times that there is nothing wrong with the Edifier TWS6 despite having this foul stench.

Wrapping up the Edifier TWS6 review

Yes, I like the Edifier TWS6 because of how it sounds and how simple it is. Zero frills, just pair it and start enjoying music. There are a few things to fix – like the charging pins on the and its lid, the burned smell, and the touch gestures.

Edifier TWS6

The Edifier TWS6 is priced at RM435.53 right now. It’s not the most affordable TWS in the market but it is great sounding right out of the box. Is the Edifier TWS6 recommended? Yeah. It sounds great.

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