We’ve been seeing a lot of wireless earphones over the months here at Nasi Lemak Tech. Ever since the release of the Apple Airpods and the removal of 3.5mm audio jack, the makers of earphones and headphones knew that wireless is the future. Edifier knew that, and created the new W288BT. It’s a wireless earphone that’s really affordable – but is it any good?

Today we have the Edifier W288BT with us and it’s red in color. Let’s take a listen on how it actually feels and if it’s worth your money.


Edifier W288BT

The box this time around is a lot simpler than what I had saw in the catalog of Edifier products. There is a picture of the W288BT itself at the front with a few of tits feature highlights at the top right corner. Yes, this thing has NFC – which is surprising.

Edifier W288BT

At the back there is a list of features and specs alongside with the different colors that the Edifier W288BT is available in. The one we have here is red in color – which is stated with a bright red sticker at the lower right corner.

Edifier W288BT

From the side we can see what’s included in the box.

Edifier W288BT

Opening up we can instantly see the W288BT itself sitting in the foam cutout. There’s also a quick start guide printed behind the secondary box layer.

Edifier W288BT

There is a small circular hard shell case included as well, which is good.

Edifier W288BT
All other accessories are inside the hard shell case.

The accessories included are rather optional. There is a hook where you can have the Edifier W288BT lock securely onto your ears or shorten the cable slack by using the included wire clamps.

Edifier W288BT


The Edifier W288BT is available in a few colors – blue, black, red, and white. It’s constructed entirely out of glossy plastic and the only non-plastic part is the cable itself.

Edifier W288BT

With such a simple design, there’s nothing to wow about other than the color options. In whichever case, the Edifier W288BT is lightweight enough thanks to its all-plastic construction.

Edifier W288BT

In terms of durability, it’s going to last since these wireless earphones aren’t going to go through abuse. Though, with an all plastic build, the Edifier W288BT weighs in at only 12 grams.

The hard shell case is quite alright, but you’ll have to take out all the included accessories before stuffing in the Edifier W288BT in its case – which is quite a bummer.

Edifier W288BT


When it comes to features, there’s nothing much to say about other than the fact that it has in-line buttons. 3 of them, to be exact.

There is a play/pause button which is flanked by the up and down buttons. These buttons have a thick rubber layer on top, which makes it quite difficult to press, actually.

Edifier W288BT

To turn it on or off, you’ll need to hold the center button for about 3 seconds and a chime will be played. You can also look at the LED which is hidden underneath the right earbud. To enter Bluetooth pairing mode, you can hold the middle button longer and it will flash red and blue light.

Edifier W288BT

The up/down buttons function as volume adjustments when pressed and as next/previous buttons when held for about 3 seconds. The center button also functions as a play/pause button when pressed. However, double-pressing the center button redials your most recent contact.

Using the Edifier W288BT

Wearing the Edifier W288BT for the first time was a little weird for me. It’s not the first time we’re trying an in-ear monitor style earphone with hooks, but the hooks were rather aggressive.

By aggressive here, we meant that the hooks are a bit too tough for my liking, and Edifier didn’t include any other hook sizes. I guess Edifier hoped it’ll be a one-size-fits-all, but too bad. It’s either the hooks fit in your ears comfortably, or they don’t.

In my case, the hooks do work and the Edifier W288BT stayed in place firmly. I wore it for a long time and it actually felt natural on my ears – but the story changes when I took it out. My ears were sore.

Then to the pairing process. It’s the usual, but having NFC does make the process a lot simpler – if your phone has NFC, that is. The in-line buttons are just horrible to press. I’m sorry but there’s no better way to say it.

Listening test

With all that aside, now comes the listening test. The Edifier W288BT is actually quite okay. It’s definitely not the best-sounding pair of earphones out there but better than many of its competitors in the market.

Honestly speaking, the highs are just… dilapidated. It can’t reach the highs that other audio products can, but it still sounds alright.

The mids and vocals are mixed around with the lower frequency, making it sound all jumbled up and doesn’t have much resolution to separate the highs, vocals, and mids. Lemaitre’s Nishio 2 shows the W288BT’s inability to separate the highs, mids, and lows.

If you’re listening to bass-heavy electronic music without singing or vocal-centric songs like Queen’s Killer Queen, it actually works pretty well.

It’s heavy on the bass side, and everything else has been shifted to a lower frequency. The mids, vocals, and highs aren’t as pronounced as they should sound like and are skewed towards – you guessed it, lower frequency.

Even with such a heavy emphasis on bass, the bass isn’t punchy. And I can hear a little bit of “frequency ducking” to enhance the bass too.

Battery life

It has about 5 hours worth of battery life, which is quite okay. Charging it is a bit weird. Instead of having the USB port around the side of the in-line control, Edifier chose to place it behind the right earbud.

Edifier W288BT

It looks weird at first, but it’s not a big deal. It’s more elegant than how one charges the Apple Pencil for sure.

Wrapping up the Edifier W288BT review

Let me wrap things up by first mentioning its price. The Edifier W288BT is priced at around RM160 officially, but you can actually find some deals where it costs only RM140. It’s the most affordable wireless earphone I’ve ever seen.

There is only one caveat as mentioned. The in-line buttons are terrible to be pressed on. Other things aren’t really that serious. Even though the hooks are a bit too stiff and gave my ears a sore, these hooks can be removed.

Considering the sound signature and quality that it produces, the Edifier W288BT is quite an okay wireless earphone. For the price, I doubt you can find anything similar. You’ll need quite a high tolerance for muddy sound to live with the Edifier W288BT.

Where to buy?

Always at Lazada!

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