I personally like to use 2.1 speakers more than anything else. I’ve personally been a fan of these speakers because I just don’t want to wear anything on my head. Though, the category of 2.1 speakers is diminishing in and that is why we want to highlight the Edifier XM3BT today. It is actually the successor of the XM6BT that we reviewed about 2 years ago.

Then the question arrives – is it actually a good 2.1 speaker system? Well, let’s take a look here.


By looking at the box itself, it’s still the same old Edifier packaging design for multimedia speakers. The front has the image of the speaker system itself alongside with a whole list of features and spec highlights.

Edifier XM3BT

Looking at the back, we see the same list of highlights alongside with a full liste of feature highlights in different languages. The Edifier XM3BT not only has the same list of features from its predecessor, but added a few more features too.

  • Multimedia speaker with MDF wood enclosure
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Supports USB drive or SD card music for playback
  • Has FM radio
  • Supports AUX
  • 38W RMS subwoofer
  • Control panel on the side of the subwoofer
  • LED lighting effects (more on this later)

Edifier XM3BT

Actually, from the front of the box, we did realize one major difference. Edifier always show all of the contents of the box at the front of the box for their speaker systems, but the remote control is nowhere to be found. There was a remote for the XM6BT though.


The overall design of the Edifier XM3BT is rather basic for a 2.1 speaker system. For me, that is absolutely okay since I do like my speakers stealthy, sitting beside my monitor and producing good sound out of it. And the Edifier XM3BT is pretty stealthy.

Edifier XM3BT

After unboxing, we only see that the speaker itself has only 3 parts – the two satellites and the subwoofer, alongside with a few cables that connect everything together. The black MDF wood here is not exactly of the highest quality, but it is good enough to create some decent sound.

Edifier XM3BT

Then comes the “lighting effects” that Edifier touts on the XM3BT. Throughout my entire time with this speaker, I have only seen the two sides and the satellite lit up in orange color, which is Edifier’s signature color. I have not seen any other “effects” or any options/buttons to turn off the lights.

Though to Edifier’s credit, the orange lighting on the XM3BT is rather subtle and really, really dim. It just adds some aesthetics to the speakers themselves which honestly, does not affect my usage overall.

Edifier XM3BT

The overall build quality is fairly decent. The XM3BT is lightweight – which is quite a telltale sign of its own, and the cable at the back of the two satellites are not completely secured. Though, they are tugged snugly and does not have any proper seal. Still, I hoped for a proper seal to secure this cable.

Connectivity & Ports

Just like its predecessor, the Edifier XM3BT has a control panel at the side of the subwoofer. From here, we can see a few interesting buttons, dials, and ports.

Starting from the top left corner, we have the play/pause and next/previous track buttons. No idea why, but that is what it is. At the bottom of the array of buttons is where the toggle button to switch between modes are found. This is the button to change between FM radio/aux/line in/Bluetooth.

Edifier XM3BT

Underneath the mode button are two LEDs that light up according to the status of the XM3BT. It indicates what mode it is in – either in Bluetooth, AUX, or whatever.

Obviously, there’s a full-sized SD card reader and a USB port as well. The Edifier XM3BT supports direct music playback from your memory cards directly.

Then there’s the master volume dial and the bass dial. These two dials are independent from your audio source (except for FM radio, SD card, and USB) and it offers quite a wide range.

Using the Edifier XM3BT

Here’s the most important part of a speaker – how does it actually sound? Well, the Edifier XM3BT is actually a speaker that is catered towards the common consumers and it has a bunch of features that literally covers most use cases.

Firstly, it has Bluetooth. That means you can use any of your smart devices to listen to some tunes. Then, there’s FM radio for those who enjoy some radio tunes or perhaps news and weather reports too. But that means you’ll have to put the subwoofer on the table where you can reach it easily – else it’ll defeat the purpose.

Edifier XM3BT
It’s really not ideal to put the subwoofer on the table.

With that said, since I use it as a desktop speaker for my PC, then there is absolutely no need to access the control panel after configuring all of my personal favorite settings. That leads us to the listening test.

The Edifier XM3BT actually sounds very good. It has the appropriate amount of bass that thumps and vibrates the floor – especially with songs like The Salmon Dance or any other pop songs like Party Like It’s Your Birthday by Studio Killers.

The vocals are pretty decent as well – though increasing the bass does overwhelm the mids and vocals a little. And that is where the bass dial comes into play – adjust to whatever you are comfortable with, and just leave it at that. I thoroughly enjoyed the Edifier XM3BT with the bass that it produces even with such a small subwoofer.

The treble is acceptable on the Edifier XM3BT – not too sparkly but also not too underwhelming. It’s decent enough for my usage and everyday usage and that is fine for the price that I’m paying for this speaker.

Wrapping up the Edifier XM3BT review

For me myself, I appreciate full 2.1 speakers or bookshelf speakers. We’ve tested a lot of budget speakers over the years and the Edifier XM3BT is one of the better ones that we have tested thus far. The sound quality is decent for the price and it does look stealthy with its black MDF enclosure while showing its Edifier logo in glowing orange.

Edifier XM3BT

Of course, it is not perfect. The absence of a remote control means that I have to reach down to the subwoofer each time I want to change the modes.

Other than that, the Edifier XM3BT is actually pretty good. For the price of just RM270.60 right now at Edifier’s LazMall store, it is definitely on our recommended list.

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