I’m no stranger to consumer audio products, and definitely very familiar with Bluetooth speakers – ranging from weirdly shaped speakers that look like telephones, golf balls, grenades, and even sound bars. Now, I have this Zeon III sitting here. How does it perform though?


elysium zeon iii (4)

Never neglect the packaging of a product, and to that I should say that the Zeon III comes with one of the most secured packaging ever.

elysium zeon iii (5)

Yupe, a whole double layer packaging because the box itself is pretty heavy. Now you don’t want everything to fall apart, do you?

elysium zeon iii (6)

Opening the box up is simple, due to the weight that it has. Then, the Zeon III reveals itself right there. Digging further is there the USB cables will be, and then that’s where all the other accessories are found.

elysium zeon iii (8)

In total, you’ll have a total of 4 packets of plastics – one for the Zeon III itself, one user guide and warranty documentation, one micro USB cable, and another auxiliary audio cable. As an added bonus, they even included a pouch! How nice of them to do so.

elysium zeon iii (10)

Surprisingly, both of those included cables are very nicely braided with cloth. I’m very impressed by the level of premium quality accessories they provide.


Opening the plastic wrapping the Zeon III reveals even more adhesive plastics on the body itself. Of course, I peeled all of them off – including those films on the two side woofers.

elysium zeon iii (11)

The Zeon III looks really plain, with a big piece of triangularly shaped, sandblasted metal finish on it with a curved speaker grill.

elysium zeon iii (12)

They didn’t make those curves for fun and to collect dust though – that chin there is where all the ports are located. It’s an interesting position for sure, as all of the cables will point upwards and does not obstruct anywhere near the speaker grill.

elysium zeon iii (15)


With that said, the top has a total of 5 things – an on/off switch, a set of multimedia keys consisting a previous, play/pause, and next button, a 3.5mm audio jack, and lastly the micro USB port for charging. The previous and next buttons also double as a volume down and up by just holding them. Convenient? Yes. You’ll know why later.

Did I mention that the Zeon III doesn’t come with any charger?


I can dare say that the Elysium Zeon III is the most bare Bluetooth speaker ever. No extra features, no extra apps or even any function to connect a few devices together at the same time and queue the playback – no, none of these are present.

elysium zeon iii (2)

Only one single device is allowed to be connected at once, and that means sound can only be played back on that device alone. Personally, I love it. Bare minimum and nothing fancy to charge the customer a hell lots more.

I do want to point out that the Zeon III actually has a power saving mode. If it’s inactive for a tremendously long period of time, the speaker will turn itself off. How to turn it on again? A little funny – I had to turn off through the switch, then turn it back on again.

Speaking of turning it on, the Zeon III can actually boot up and connect to the previously-paired device very quickly.

Oh – I should mention that the Zeon III has its own set of volume controls too. Say bye bye to “awww, my phone is already at max volume :(” sadness! And this is where the convenience of the tucked-away-but-still-there volume up and down becomes supremely useful.

I give it a solid 5 stars for features alone just because of this!

Sound quality

First of all, I have to admit that the weight of this speaker gave me an excellent impression of what it can do. I know it’s a myth, but myths originates from somewhere too.

That said, I tested the Zeon III using a few phones, few tablets, few computers, and my laptop. To be honest, I love the performance way too much on the Elysium Zeon III. Seriously, have you ever seen a speaker with the two diaphragms at the sides that vibrate as if there’s no tomorrow?

The looks aren’t deceiving at all, as the bass produced on the Zeon III is deep, heavy, tight, and supremely powerful. I left it on an enjoyable volume and tuned in to my usual song – Adventure Time by Rogue. To my surprise, my table shook. Literally vibrations were felt through my table! That’s amazing!

zeon iii gif

Fidelity on the Zeon III isn’t bad at all either. The obscure tones of a song can be heard albeit on a flat equalizer. Mids are distinct and really sharp, and I’m really caught red-handed for doubting the sound produced by this speaker itself.

Vocals sound surprisingly crisp and really brings out the clarity of a song in the entire house of mine here. I can hear the entire song clearly while still in my room upstairs and left the speakers downstairs while its playing whatever is on my media streamer. Just way too amazing, and holy dang I wanna listen to my entire library of music using the Zeon III!


As all devices becomes portable and “smart” these days, the most concerning issue is always the battery. And here I’m proud to announce that the battery on the Elysium Zeon III is just supremely amazing.

elysium zeon iii (14)

I managed to played music continuously for a few hours at night, then played through Spotify for about 6 hours straight, and then another 3 hours or so while experimenting some recipes in the kitchen with my family. With a little bit of math, that’s about half a day of continuous playback. It did get a little warm at the center, because that’s where the battery, main brain, and ports are located. Nothing major.

Wrap up

Here’s my one and only conclusion about the Elysium Zeon III. It’s a little heavy, but that’s the only price to pay – other than the RM499 price tag – for excellent sound quality and no-nonsense features to go along with a beautiful build.

elysium zeon iii (3)

I forgot about the pouch entirely too. A little worrying given the weight? Yes, maybe. But then again I just put the entire Zeon III into the pouch, and the whole thing goes into my bag.

I just love the Elysium Zeon III so much!

Where to buy?

Why not get it from Elysium’s official Lazada store? Check out their product page here!

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