We’ve had something in our labs quite a while ago – and that item is called the Gaming Freak 1ON1. This is a single-handed keyboard but it’s obviously not meant for typing. This “keyboard” is meant for FPS gamers that use only the left side of their keyboards, and it only has 29 keys.

For such an item, we’ve obviously prepared a video to show off what it does, how it works, and how it performs while gaming. My personal choice of game is obviously Overwatch – which turned out great!

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14


Gaming Freak 1ON1

The Gaming Freak 1ON1 takes on a very simple packaging. The entire packaging takes on a dark color with red accents and shows the 1ON1 dead center at the front of the packaging itself.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

At the bottom part is where some of the product highlights are shown. I’m not sure what they mean by POM switch, as the only usage of POM on keyboards I know is on keycaps. And yes, there is backlighting on the 1ON1.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

Behind the packaging is where most of the feature highlights are. Nothing out of the ordinary here, actually.

Digging everything out reveals nothing more than the Gaming Freak 1ON1 itself together with a user guide. Keep this handy as there are some features that need to be learned to control.


At first glance, the Gaming Freak 1ON1 is really just a board with 29 keys on it and laid out in such a geometry that it is meant for comfort. Comes with an integrated wrist rest too.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

The wrist rest material here is actually very good. It has a honeycomb structure to it and it’s grippy enough to hold my palm in place yet allowing my palm to breathe through the microchannels in between the hexagon. This is excruciatingly crucial as no one wants a sweaty palm during gaming sessions.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

The entire design of it is pretty simple, in my opinion. Nothing too flashy or out of the ordinary – other than the layout of keys, that is.

That funky-looking piece of geometry is actually the spacebar, by the way.

Gaming Freak 1ON1


Surprisingly enough, the Gaming Freak 1ON1 does come with its own software. All of the buttons can be remapped to do whatever you want – and you can even set your own macro for each key.

As shown in my video review for the Gaming Freak 1ON1, you can fine-tune the macro with just the right amount of delay so that you can time the reload animation and melee attack precisely. That way you won’t lose a single millisecond not dishing not damage to your enemies. This is especially important to games that are competitive in nature – Overwatch, for example.

The software is pretty simple and has a total of 3 different profiles for you to set. One positive note here is that the software allows importing and exporting of profiles, so you can share it with your friends online.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

As for the lighting modes and colors, there are a total of 7 colors and 3 lighting modes. Just make sure you have that page of the user manual handy, so you know how to use the Gaming Freak 1ON1’s functions.

Using the Gaming Freak 1ON1

Let’s take a look here. The Gaming Freak 1ON1 is meant for games that use only the left side of the keyboard. Gaming Freak made the decision to include a few keys which are out of place – such as the “P”, “V”, and “B” keys. Of course, you can remap them using the software.

Gaming Freak 1ON1The keys are surprisingly springy and bounce back up really quickly. Its actuation force feels like something around 50g. Since it’s a membrane keyboard, the switches collapse to actuate – but in a very relaxed and dampened manner – not abruptly.

Gaming Freak 1ON1

At first, I was worried that the spacebar is going to be an issue in fast-paced gaming, but it turned out quite fine during my usual session of Overwatch. However, I do wish that the spacebar is moved a little upwards so that it’s closer to the bank of keys. It’s also to help those who have smaller palms to reach all the keys without shifting the hand too much.

Wrapping up the Gaming Freak 1ON1 review

Let’s talk about the price first. It’s tagged at RM139. I can’t say for sure if it’s pricy or not, but comparing its functionality with other similar products in the market, I can say that the Gaming Freak 1ON1 is actually priced competitively. I mean, yes – it’s meant to be an add-on to your gaming setup and not a replacement for your keyboard.

Think of it this way – imagine if I’m someone who needs a full-sized keyboard (that is to say, with a number pad) but I only use the left half of the keyboard while I’m gaming. By using the Gaming Freak 1ON1 purely for gaming, I have more mouse movement for FPS games!

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