ASUS VivoBook 14 A413

So this is the Hippo Boom Plus. It’s meant for mobile devices, has 32 Ohms of impedance, and a very cheap price to compete with the Xiaomi’s very own RM50 pair of Piston earphones. Budget is all that matters here, but how does the Hippo Boom Plus compete?

DSC_5481 copy

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

The packaging is a tad funny, as it has some sort of triangular facet design, and is actually quite difficult to remove the earphones themselves from the packaging.

DSC_5484 copy

Once you open the packaging, remove the piece of plastic and it reveals the contents inside – a soft velvet pouch, som eartips, and the coil of cable.

DSC_5486 copy

I do admire how the packaging is done, it’s certainly not something cheap to do, as all of the pieces are revealed in what reminds me of a diamond-ish shape.

DSC_5499 copy

As for the included pouch however, it has the standard 70mm width and a 100mm height, just like any other included pouches. This is something that many budget earphones are missing, as I would really want to store my earphones at a convenient space.

DSC_5488 copy

Also, you get 4 sizes of eartips in total. Though it is not included, Hippo does recommend you to use the Hippo foam eartips for a better listening experience. I strongly believe that Hippo could have included a pair of those foam eartips just to attract more customers on buying their foam eartips. Marketing strategy 101?

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