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It’s been a few months since the HONOR 20 Pro was unveiled but it is only about 2 weeks ago when the HONOR 20 Pro was finally on our hands. Obviously, we started our review on it instantly – and here are all the things we want to say about the HONOR 20 Pro.

This review will be different from our usual format since it is nearly identical with the HONOR 20 that we reviewed here.

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Differences between the HONOR 20 Pro and HONOR 20

HONOR 20 Pro

The biggest differences here are more RAM and storage and a larger battery on the HONOR 20 Pro. One more core difference – which is the main highlight of this review – is the 4 fully usable cameras of the HONOR 20 Pro.

HONOR 20 Pro

Yes – the HONOR 20 Pro comes with a main 48MP camera, an ultrawide angle camera, and a telephoto camera alongside with another dedicated macro camera. Compared to the HONOR 20, the depth sensor is replaced with a telephoto camera. Nice, considering that this phone now has a total of 4 usable cameras.

HONOR 20 Pro

The overall design of the HONOR 20 Pro has changed too – it has a better curved back to make it much more comfortable to hold compared to the boxy design on the HONOR 20. This is a definite nice touch honestly.

And it’s also a little heftier on the hands – which I personally like.

HONOR 20 Pro
The Phantom Black is just… not so black. It’s actually purple.

Of course, the HONOR 20 Pro also comes with different color options. It is now named Phantom Black and Phantom Blue – and we have the Phantom Black unit here. It’s… not particularly black, more like purple, actually.

Though the Phantom Blue is a color that I fell in love instantly when I looked at it. Damn, that looks good.

Now, let’s focus about a few more important things about the HONOR 20 Pro.

Cameras – for both photo and video

With the quadruple rear-facing cameras, we took a lot of pictures over the past 2 weeks while we were using the HONOR 20 Pro. Honestly, it does take great pictures in terms of clarity and details – but the colors seem to need a little more tweaking. The pictures that came straight out of the HONOR 20 Pro looks like it’s captured in log format for maximum dynamic range.

HONOR 20 Pro

Take a look at these two pictures. We put it side by side and let you have a look and compare them.

And yes, we put those images through Photoshop to readjust its contrast and overall brightness of the image to give it a more appealing look. And through one post on Facebook, no one gave attention to the details and clarity of the image but only cared about the colors.

Then comes the videography of the HONOR 20 Pro. As shown in the video here, all issues stated earlier does apply to the videography as well – its colors just aren’t punchy enough and require some post-processing to make it look good.

The HONOR 20 Pro does have OIS + EIS to capture really stable videos. However, they did not mention that it is only applicable for 1080p videos and no 4K. However, the software did not mention anything about this – so beware.

I don’t think talking about the video is going to do it any justice – so I urge you to watch the video from the beginning until the end to know how good the stabilization on the HONOR 20 Pro really is.

Performance benchmarks

The HONOR 20 Pro comes with the Kirin 980 chipset and 8GB RAM with 256GB of internal storage, yada yada. It’s technically the same core specs as the HONOR 20. To no one’s surprise, they both perform more or less the same.

Here are the benchmarks for the HONOR 20 Pro.

HONOR 20 Pro 3DMark benchmark HONOR 20 Pro VRMark benchmark HONOR 20 Pro Geekbench benchmark HONOR 20 Pro Antutu benchmark


Yeah the battery got increased to a massive 4,000mAh here. Under our battery life test, it can last about 13 hours here – which is sufficient for a day’s use. Pretty decent when compared to today’s flagships.

HONOR 20 Pro
Yep, that’s the 22.5W charger.

The HONOR 20 Pro comes with the 22.5W charger as well – which can get you up to 50% charge in 22 minutes and 75% in just 41 minutes. This is much faster than the conventional 5V 2A charger that can only get 50% charge in 38 minutes and 75% charge in 66 minutes.

HONOR 20 Pro battery charging curves

Wrapping up the HONOR 20 Pro review

We really have to address one big thing – the price. It is at RM2,299 which is better than the overly high price that was first leaked out. While the RM2,299 price point is rather decent, I think that it faces tough competition against other devices like the Xiaomi Mi 9 and also the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Let’s not forget that other older, more famous flagships are also coming down in price – like the Huawei P30 and Mate 20, and also the Galaxy S10.

HONOR 20 Pro

With all things considered though, the HONOR 20 Pro is a rather decent smartphone – especially in the hardware side of things. As for the software, there are lots of useful features scattered around. However, the UI is the biggest factor holding back the HONOR 20 Pro.

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review-honor-20-proWith the price of RM2,299, the HONOR 20 Pro is currently HONOR's highest-end smartphone with quadruple usable rear-facing cameras. Having a macro camera on a phone really is useful for me personally, although I think the software really needs drastic improvements.

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