Personally, I don’t pay attention to Chinese phones at all, until the OnePlus One was announced and shook the world with a magnitude of its incredible price tag! Then came along the One’s competitors – the Honor 6, and later the Honor 6 Plus. After more than a year, Honor is back with their brand new iteration, dubbed naturally as the Honor 7. With the current state of budget high-end smartphones, how well does the Honor 7 stand among the crowd?

The packaging is simple – just break the seal, and reveal everything that’s in there. There is a wall charger, USB cable, the phone itself, and all the documentations are nicely packed in a single cardboard box. Very neat!

Honor 7 (2)

I’m surprised actually, since the plastic film covering the screen can actually double as a pre-installed screen protector itself! It’s just a film, and it does its job very well.

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