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One of the big announcements that HONOR Malaysia made is the arrival of the HONOR Magic Earbuds. This is the first time we’re testing out a pair of true wireless earbuds from the company – and there are some goods and bads.

This truly was a journey for me as I was pleasantly surprised by the HONOR Magic Earbuds.

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Before we begin, we should highlight that the name HONOR Magic Earbuds may change depending on your region. It is also known as the HONOR TWS Earphones and also the HONOR FlyPods 3. Not sure why there are so many names, but that’s what we found out.


The box itself is fairly simple. The important things that we get inside the box are these:

  • The HONOR Magic Earbuds
  • 3 extra sizes of eartips
  • USB-C cable

HONOR Magic Earbuds


When I first saw the HONOR Magic Earbuds, I thought the case was quite big. It’s pretty much oblong-shaped and made out of glossy white plastic. I’m not a fan of glossy white plastic since it gets hairline scratches way too easily.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

That aside, the HONOR Magic Earbuds looks very clean. There’s a battery indicator at the front that changes colors according to the case’s battery level. Then, there’s also another button beside the USB-C charging port at the back of the case. This button is for the HONOR Magic Earbuds to enter pairing mode.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

Opening up the case reveals that the earbuds themselves are positioned in a rather weird way. But because of the stems cross each other and is rather long, it makes the usual “one swift motion to take out both earbuds” quite easy.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

The silicone eartips on the HONOR Magic Earbuds are rather uniquely-shaped, which makes them proprietary. Nothing to worry about though, since these silicone eartips sit on the earbuds tightly.

HONOR Magic Earbuds


By default, the HONOR Magic Earbuds is pretty featureful too. Beside where the eartips are located, there’s a black dot – that’s where the proximity sensors are located. Each earbud has a touch-sensitive panel that can do these basic tasks.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

For more advanced features, you’ll have to download the Huawei AI Life app. Not sure why the app is named in such a way since there’s absolutely no relation with anything “AI”.

From here we can further change what the gestures do. There’s also an option to outright disable the proximity sensors from automatically playing/pausing the music – which I appreciate.

HONOR Magic Earbuds Huawei AI Life

And you must install the app to “unlock” ambient mode because that option is disabled by default and needs to be enabled manually via the app itself.

By the way, if you’re using any devices using EMUI 10 or later, you can customize the gestures in the Bluetooth settings itself. But the ambient mode option is not available – so we highly recommend using the Huawei AI Life app instead.

HONOR Magic Earbuds on EMUI 10 no ambient mode
Where’s the “awareness mode” option?

Using the HONOR Magic Earbuds

Wearing the HONOR Magic Earbuds is simple and easy and yet – comfortable. Just point the stem towards my mouth and stabbed it into my ear. Its weightlessness and security make it comfortable to be worn for hours, too.

However, I still wish there is a wingtip attachment so that it won’t ever move or potentially fall out of the ear.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

The sound quality is – unsurprisingly – bass-heavy. The bass has been boosted by a significant amount – and I can have a private party with Delayed Friend Request by 7 Minutes Dead with its bass banging and thumping my skull. I can hear and feel every beat.

Though. the mids and vocals are surprisingly good too. I can enjoy some other songs like Alice Francis’s Coco Baca Bum Bum with fantastic clarity.

The highs aren’t sparkly but they are comfortable to listen to – and I had a great time tuning in to my favorite music with the HONOR Magic Earbuds.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

After trying out so many true wireless earbuds, I think that boosted bass will make you either like or hate it. For me, it’s a bit too much and sounded too artificial. But if you like extra bass, go for it.

But the overall clarity is amazing. I listened to The BBC Big Band’s American Patrol and the dynamic range on the HONOR Magic Earbuds make it sounds just so good. I’m shocked.

Battery life?

Honestly speaking, the battery life is quite bad. It lasted for only about 3.5 hours with ANC turned off and was cut short to about 3 hours with ANC turned on. We were listening to music at pretty high volumes at that time too.

HONOR Magic Earbuds

The case can provide nearly 4 more times of charging. That’s not bad.

Should you buy the HONOR Magic Earbuds?

It’s a tough question. Its sound signature is good but it boosted the bass too much for my liking. That’s my personal music taste – so if you like more bass, then go for the HONOR Magic Earbuds because I’m sure you’ll love it.

The app is a nice addition and offers an avenue for firmware updates – and it is necessary to unlock ambient mode. The app could have been more useful by including an EQ so we can reduce that boosted bass.

If you like extra boosted bass, then the HONOR Magic Earbuds is right up your alley for the price of RM499.

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