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When we’re at j5create’s booth at Computex 2019, we saw the tiniest ever 60W charger. We were impressed by its size – but that product serves only a singular purpose. Here, we have something similar in size but lower power yet more functionality. The new j5create JCDP385 is able to output a total of 45W of power through this tiny little form factor, and has a media hub integrated into this small cuboid body too.

EDIT: The product name should be JCDP385. Our big mistake on that part!

Have a look at our video review here.

First of all, let’s take a quick tour around the j5create JCDP385. I have no idea why it’s there’s a “385” in its name, but that’s how it goes.

j5create JCPD385

The box itself is quite simple and typical for j5create products. At the bottom left side, there’s a quick highlight of the features shown. From here we can see that the packaging can go for 4K through its HDMI but only at 30fps, PD 2.0 support (hence the PD in the name JCPD) and also double USB 3.0 ports with 5Gb/s. It also comes with 2 years of warranty.

j5create JCPD385

At the back here we can see more specifics of its specs. From here – we also realized one thing in particular. Although it is listed at 45W maximum output, your laptop does not get the full 45W. Here’s how the power is segregated:

  • 35W – directly to the device (laptop or smartphone) for charging
  • 2x 5W – USB 3.0 Type-A (5Gb/s)

j5create JCDP385

So that’s how the 45W is separated into 35W power input to your device and another 10W for both the USB ports. Interesting, since you can charge other devices via those USB ports as well.

Review - j5create JCDP385: Tiny 45W charger with USB-C hub integration 1

Unboxing it reveals the j5create JCDP385 itself alongside with a USB-C to USB-C cable, alongside with a standard power jack. The power supply is integrated into the j5create JCDP385 itself which means less bulk to carry around while traveling.

Because the j5create JCDP385 is rather low-powered and is combined with a media hub, it is unfair to benchmark and compare it to some other beefier, dedicated chargers we have in the office. But I still do anyway, just to see how long it takes and out of curiosity.

j5create JCPD385 benchmark
Charging the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar from 2016 at idle.

Then, I discovered something – this j5create JCDP385 is able to become a media hub on its own through passive power from the device it is connected to. I discovered this when I disconnected the power jack from the j5create JCDP385 while connected to my Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung DeX popped out. What in the world???

j5create JCPD385
You don’t need the power jack for it to work as a media hub.

Yes – all USB ports worked, the HDMI works, and the card reader works too. All of them works, but only the phone isn’t charging while this is happening.

Now, the main question is this – who is the j5create JCDP385 created for? I don’t really have a specific answer to that but it can be a great companion to have just sitting in a corner in your backpack and acts as a media hub. For outputting a total of 35W to your connected device, it is obviously meant for ultrabooks and low-powered laptops, presumably something like a smartphone.

Though, I do wish that j5create create an integrated trough to stuff and hide the cable inside the JCDP385 itself. But then again, this thing is already doing a lot for its small form factor.

For the price of RM449, it’s a bit steep – but for its use case, it’s definitely something unique.

By the way – from now until 8th September 2019, you can get the JCDP385 for RM229. That’s a fantastic deal.

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