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Over the years, we’ve been very eager to try out some capture cards here at our lab. Since our visit to j5create’s booth at Computex 2019, we were in awe to see that they have some interesting products in the market already. One product that stood out to me is their capture card, the j5create JVA02. This is an external capture card that captures up to 1080p resolution at 60fps.

I asked them about the availability and they told me it’s available now and the Malaysian price is only at RM499. Wait, what? Really? That’s nearly half the price of what the other brand offers!

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In disbelieve, I wanted to try the j5create JVA02 for myself. Were there any corners cut to make it such a low price? No, not really. Check out our full review here. We also included a tutorial on how to set up the j5create JVA02 for yourself.

All in all, the j5create JVA02 is a simple to use an external capture card that runs off USB 3.0 protocol with full 1080p resolution capturing at 60fps. There are also 3.5mm audio jacks for both audio monitoring and a microphone to have zero delay between listening to the game audio and the words spoken by you.

j5create JVA02

One interesting feature on the j5create JVA02 is the presence of a “power” and “host” port. That gives the j5create JVA02 the ability to be powered via an external power source – like a power bank. I tried to use my phone as a display for my Nintendo Switch and hey – it works and charges my phone at the same time!

j5create JVA02

The j5create JVA02 is now officially available on j5create’s official Lazada store for the price of RM499. Compared to other options in the market like the Elgato HD60 S which is also a USB 3.0 capture card with up to 1080p at 60fps, this is a compelling option.

j5create JVA02

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