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In our previous reviews – particularly about the 3 Samsung devices that were announced during the Unpacked of August 2021 – there were many comments regarding the microphone situation. Yes, I was holding a microphone in front of my mouth and that impacted how I present in the videos.

Lensgo 348C

Acer Nitro 5

Then, Lensgo approached us and asked – hey, you guys wanna take a look at the 348C microphone? I looked at it – and I immediately agreed. It’s a microphone that brought a really interesting idea to the table. It looks and functions somewhat like TWS earbuds.

I highly urge you to watch the video review as we cannot tell you how good a microphone is through words. So, watch this video instead. The audio is recorded with the Lensgo 348C entirely unless stated otherwise.

The Lensgo 348C that we have here is the Lensgo 348C1V1, and there is also another Lensgo 348C1V2. It just means 1 or 2 transmitters – which I think is something that you need to judge for yourself if you need two transmitters or not.

Lensgo 348C

These transmitters can be used without connecting to the receiver, so it’ll work as a standalone unit. There is a microSD card slot at the side so we can directly record audio onto the microSD card by holding the record button until it flashes and blinks in red.

I will have to say though, because of how the carrying case is designed, you cannot use that extra 4th square slot to fit the extra accessories – like cables. It will have to be spilled over to the other slot. This posed a dilemma to us as the 1V2 variant will definitely encounter this issue.

Lensgo could fix this issue by enlarging the case a little and have a little channel for the cables to fit in.

Lensgo 348C

Other than that, the Lensgo 348C is a very convenient microphone with lots of neat ideas implemented. For the Lensgo 348C1V1, it is priced at ~RM699 and I think that’s a fair price to pay.

As for the Lensgo 348C1V2, the price is all over the place. The lowest price that we can find is at around RM799, which again – is a fair price to pay.

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