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g310 atlas dawn (5)

I personally believe that keyboard are way more important than touch screens or mice or any other pointing devices. Why? That’s because the keyboard has been invented first, and all commands done by clicking can mostly be done by using a keyboard. Then PC gaming came and shifted the entire keyboard market. Welcome to the gaming keyboard era – where keyboards are made not just for typing, but also for gaming purposes. This one of those gaming keyboards – the Logitech G series’s G310 Atlas Dawn – a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard.

Acer Nitro 5

Here I’ll run you through the entire keyboard itself, and straight to the point.

But first, here’s a video summary!

g310 atlas dawn (1)

Beautiful cardboard box! Rather heavy too.

g310 atlas dawn (4)

Opening up, all you see is a keyboard wrapped in plastic. Take that out and you have nothing left inside. Just this one small manual though.

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