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Hardcore and average users all know that a good keyboard is important for your fingers as well as your performance no matter for game or work. A good keyboard may not be enough for some of us that they needed a good looking keyboard as well as the functionality of the keyboard.
Today, we have a Logitech G510 with us. I’ve been using it for nearly a month to test this keyboard for my average use as well for my gaming experience. This review was typed using this particular keyboard 😀

This keyboard focuses on MMO games as there are 18 programable macro keys on the left with three profile settings, making the combination count to 54 macros. Equipped with an LCD that displays your in-game stats and other critical information on your computer such as performance gauge, songs or some other basic things like clock.

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Typing and Gaming Experience
The keys are quite soft but responsive at the same time which gives you are really comfortable and fast typing experience. Typing quickly and quietly is essential for an environment where you sit with a bunch of people you do not want to disturb or if you just like the silence over keyboard noise.
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The keys are slightly slanted forward which gives you that clawing nature, gripping every key accurately each time as you type.

I’ve tried some other keyboard with additional keys on the side and I always get confused by automatically putting my hand in the middle and pressing all those macros but so far, I did not have that problem with the G510S. The macro keys are separated with a reasonable distance and grouped together nicely so you won’t get confused with the main keys.

If you’re looking at the gaming side of the keyboard however, it is a fantastic keyboard to be gamed with. The keyboard itself has a beautifully shaped armrest, with a soft touch to it and is also anti-sweat-stain that prevents you sweaty palms to leave stains on the keyboard. Even better, the ergonomic shape of the keyboard can make me forget about the hand fatigue, and I can enjoy my games for hours without even realizing that my hand was on the keyboard for hours. Technically this keyboard made me feel young again, in a way at least.

Macros and Profiles

There are 18 individual macro buttons arranged in three groups on the left side of the keyboard. While having 18 keys, don’t forget that this keyboard have three profiles making each profile having a unique macros on the same keys. 54 macros total can three of these profiles can be selected with one of the three memory buttons. What’s more impressive about the profile selection is that each profile has it’s own backlight colour and different LCD configurations. This will greatly help in telling you which profile are you on and immediately know what those macro keys do as well as bringing up relevant information onto the LCD screen.

In addition, I tried using it on Adobe Photoshop to do a bunch of post-processing on the photos. While Photoshop Actions can do whatever I wanted to do, I tried to use a different approach – that is to record my keys using the G510S with its function to record keystrokes. It worked just the way I wanted it to be, which can be very good way to record the macros as compared to the software interface to record multiple keystrokes and have to manually count and estimate the delay between keys.

LCD Screen
There are 3rd party LCD widgets available that supports this keyboard. They are either final released apps by game developers or community developed or a fully programmable display in which you can literally display anything you want on the LCD display. The LCD’s resolution is 160×48 so don’t expect it to display complex pictures here.

However, I found that the LCD display has a flaw which the LCD will display a ghost of a graphic above it in which you can see in this picture. According to my past experience, I believe this was caused by the source trying to display at a rate that is higher than the LCD hardware can accept, which is seriously unpleasant to the eyes.

Media Buttons
What I find I like the most about this keyboard is it’s media buttons. The button works without having to install any additional software or driver apart from the official driver (running on Windows 8 per review). The huge mute button is definitely a plus since I use my computer as an alarm clock which I could just hit that mute button on the keyboard.

The volume scroll wheel is just fantastic. The sensitivity is just right that you can immediately adjust the volume to your liking without having to press any buttons. The size is just right for the wheel, and the jagged rubber grip on it gives a very nice touch feedback to the user when touched and scrolled.

The Software
The software that came with the keyboard is very capable and provides plenty of features such as changing the keyboard’s backlight colour on multiple profiles, selecting multiple widgets to be displayed on the LCD and program you profiles with it’s macros on the software, practically anything you can imagine that is configurable on the keyboard. Other than using the official software, you can also use 3rd party software such as LCD Studio to further customize the LCD display. Here is an example of one of my LCD design. Of course, everything else is up to your own imagination, since Logitech opened up the API for programmers.

The keyboard’s market price is around RM 460 and can be found in various computer stores around Malaysia. The price seems a bit high for a non-mechanical keyboard I must say but considering the fact that this keyboard has a well polished texture and multiple features, it’s a 50/50 depending on your budget.

To wrap this up, I think the Logitech G510S is an excellent keyboard, even it is not a mechanical keyboard as the keys and typing feel is superb with its springy feedback. Once I used this keyboard, I can’t use any other keyboard because other they won’t have that “grippy” plastic texture and G510s’s curves and design, alongside with the anti-sweat-stain armrest that I totally love. I would definitely recommend this keyboard to everyone who not only game a lot but also to those who type a lot and loves additional macro buttons and an LCD display.

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