We’ve all seen wireless mice before – from those with a dongle to those Bluetooth ones, from a cheapo China mouse to highest quality gaming mice. And most of us have heard or know what KVM is – it’s a switch where multiple computers share one set of keyboard and mouse. There are certain software to do this now instead of having a physical switch and more cables, but those require some special setup. Enter the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 – this is the modern mouse for KVM setups.

mx anywhere 2 (1)

Here’s the packaging – it’s classy, and has a flap where the mouse is enclosed in molded plastic. You can get a feel of the mouse itself through the plastic too – although there are some cardboard blocking the wrist and making it quite difficult to feel the mouse completely.

mx anywhere 2 (2)

The mouse itself comes in a simple packaging – one Unifying dongle, some documentations, a neat micro USB cable, and the MX Anywhere 2 mouse itself.

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