Yes, I know – it’s a product with a funky name. Seriously, I have no idea what those numbers mean either – but all I know is that the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is a USB charger with two ports – one with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 and another one with QuickCharge 2.0. I mean, everyone has at least two different devices to charge at the same time – right?

Let’s take a look at the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 here.


Micropack MWC-236 Q3

The first thing that caught my eye is how extensively packed the charger is. It has a premium looking packaging at the front that shows the charger itself alongside with some features.

The main highlight here is the word “worldwide travel charger” – because Micropack did indeed include a total of 3 different types of wall plug in the box itself. We’ll talk more about this later.

At the bottom there are some other feature highlights like 36 watts output, smart IC to adapt to whatever wattage your device supports, double USB output, full protection, and foldable prongs.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

There’s also a flap that opens and you can see the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 itself alongside with the 3 different wall plugs.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

Around the flap where you break the seal is where Micropack chooses to highlight the 1-year warranty that it has. Brilliant idea.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

Opening up the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 reveals nothing much from the package itself. There’s the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 itself, the 3 different wall plugs, warranty guide, and user manual.

Would’ve been nice if Micropack included a micro USB cable with USB-C adapter, by the way. Or maybe a 3-in-1 cable where it breaks a single USB port into USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning connector.


I can say here that the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 comes with a fairly clean design. It has a near-glossy finish across the entire charger itself. It’s sleek, to say the least. That grey band near the wall plug is actually matte plastic. This little transition layer makes it seamless when you plug in the adapter wall plug. Brilliant.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

About those 3 wall plug adapters – the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is actually compatible with 4 different types of wall plugs! There’s a pair of foldable prongs in the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 itself!

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

It’s easy to install the wall plug adapters too – just fold the 2 prongs back inside the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 itself, then slide in the wall plug adapter until you hear a click noise.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

To detach the wall plug adapter, do the same in reverse. This time you’ll hear the click when it’s detached from the wall plug adapter.

Testing out the Micropack MWC-236 Q3

At the point of this review, Nasi Lemak Tech does not own any smartphones that support Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 or 2.0 – which I suppose is reflective of what people have either. So, we’ll be testing the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 with two devices at once.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

For all I can say, it does the job and does it well. With the multiple different voltages and amperage it supports, the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is able to output the commonly found and used 5V 2A standard alongside with the 9V 2A standard that is used by many other smartphones in the market.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

It can output a maximum of 36 watts – which is the sum of both QC3.0 and QC2.0 ports outputting at 18 watts each.

Wrapping up the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 review

I have to say, Qualcomm’s QuickCharge here is more like an added bonus to me. Most devices still won’t support QC anyway, so it might not be applicable to everyone.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

The real value of getting the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is the fact that it has dual ports, and the 3 different types of socket adapters that it comes with. Truly, the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is a charger that has style points, and does its job well.

If your device does support QC3.0 like the Nokia 8 that we reviewed here, then you’re in for a treat.

Micropack MWC-236 Q3

For the price of RM139, the Micropack MWC-236 Q3 is definitely a great companion to have when you’re traveling around.

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