To start off, I’m very sure that most people don’t know what the magic NAD is to begin with. NAD is a company that has over 40 years of experience in creating magical HiFi systems for your ears, and PSB is their sister company, so expect some shared technology between these two. Now, they are using those knowledge that they gave gathered into creating their first ever pair of earphones, the VISO HP20.

Technically with the background of what NAD does, it means that the VISO HP20 is like an entire HiFi system compressed into a pair of earphones, right?


Well, that might just be it.

DSC_3891 copy

The box alone gave me some mysterious feel, and it definitely gave some vibes about its premium feel as well.

DSC_3893 copyOpening up the flap, there’s a window to see what you’re going to get, and also a brief history of NAD, written in English and au French. Simple design, I like it.

DSC_3894 copy

At the back of the box there is more information and there you can see some of the basic information of how the in-line buttons work on Apple devices, and also a brief introduction on the product itself alongside with the spec sheet. There’s also a small printing in red that says this product is

Again, pretty simple.

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