WD My Book (2016)
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The WD My Book (2016) has an upgrade from before – not only aesthetically, but in performance too. It still targets the niche market of those who wanted a large and speedy external storage but without the price or features of a NAS. It’s still portable but less convenient, yet it’s still easier to transport than a NAS. Overall, I love this storage solution!

With Western Digital’s sudden announcement of its brand new redesigned My Book and My Passport, I knew that I definitely need to take a look at it. This is the review of WD’s brand new reimagined and redesigned WD My Book. I simply refer as the new WD My Book (2016) version.

We have an unboxing video of both the WD My Book and the My Passport (2016) (review here), for this once in a blue moon redesigned philosophy by WD, and we are definitely glad to be sharing it with you.

All in all, the brand new WD My Book (2016) comes with a rather simple set of accessories. That includes the AC power jack with interchangeable wall plugs, a 1.5 meter micro USB 3.0 cable, a quick start guide, and a user manual.

WD My Book

Pretty standard, if you ask me.


This is where the main magic happens. The WD My Book (2016) comes with WD’s brand new design philosophy – and it rings the feeling of being refreshed. As a piece of storage device that isn’t meant to be carried around like an external hard disk, it can sit on a desk and look pretty.

WD My Book

The brand new design has two aspects – firstly there’s the highly glossy piano black top half of the enclosure, and secondly there’s the matte black lower half with what I can say is WD’s iconic line pattern.

This two-part design actually comes together very nicely – and the only real issue I have is the highly glossy top half of the enclosure. It’s literally a dust and fingerprint magnet!

WD My Book
Just have a look at those white specks everywhere!

Anyway, the bottom half is very resistant to dust and fingerprint, so you can at least grab its lower half if there’s any need to carry it around.

WD My Book

On a side note, it weighs in at nearly 1 kg. As I’ve mentioned in the unboxing video, it’s not meant to be carried around like an external hard disk. It needs its own external power source to function. Carrying it out means you’ll not only need the micro USB 3.0 cable, but its power jack too.

WD My Book

Though inconvenient to carry around, the true magnificence is in its speeds.


The WD My Book (2016) is again, not meant to be used as an external hard disk. Its weight will make it unpleasant to be carried around – and let’s not forgot the other part to make the My Book function – its power adapter.

Powering up the WD My Book (2016) however makes me realize one thing – there’s no activity LED. There’s absolutely zero way to know if it’s functioning or not, until you plug in the micro USB 3.0 cable to your computer.

WD My Book

As the WD My Book (2016) uses a 3.5-inch hard disk, it will need external power to function since USB 3.0 can’t power it up. As power delivery is not handled by USB interface, the WD My Book (2016)’s performance shines!

WD My Book (2016)

And that’s over USB 3.0. Comparing with the speeds over a SATA III-based WD Black that we’ve reviewed here, the WD My Book (2016) has commendable speeds.

Also, the WD My Book (2016) is considerably quieter than the WD Black too. Sure, it’s still a hard disk and it makes noise – but just mild humming though.

WD My Book
It has a fanless design, by the way.

Just a small side note – I think that WD did good by formatting the hard disk using exFAT by default. Through my past experience, this little gesture from WD saves us a lot of time troubleshooting for other users who can’t copy files beyond 4GB or unable to use the hard disk on a Mac!


The WD My Book (2016) has a pretty dull set of features, per se. In the hard disk itself, it already has some of the WD’s utility installers in it – like the WD Backup, WD Drive Utilities, and WD Security.

I’ve used WD Backup the most, just because I want to keep copies of my folders in check, and WD Drive Utilities to make sure everything works correctly. WD Security is something that I did find useful for others, but not for me.

WD My Book

One thing I find weird is that both the WD Sync and WD Backup are two separate entities, although they both do pretty much the same thing. I’m still using the WD DL2100 NAS that we’ve reviewed here, and WD Sync detects only the NAS itself and not the My Book. Combining both of these software for a more streamlined experienced might be better in the future.

Wrap up

The WD My Book (2016) is a beautiful piece of storage device that blends nicely with your furniture. Its brand new design definitely catches eyes of many, and its performance is commendable too.

WD My Book

However, if you’re already using a WD My Book, then it’s up to your choice whether to upgrade or not. As far as I can find out, the speeds are definitely faster in the brand new WD My Book (2016), and it comes with a much better aesthetic too. Is it worth the upgrade or not? Maybe.

WD My Book

All I can say is, the WD My Book (2016) is perfect for those who seek something in between the performance of a NAS, and the convenience of an external hard disk. Adding a downward-facing hard disk activity LED would be better for troubleshooting purposes.

If it’s a USB-C-powered piece of gadget with backward-compatibility, that will be even better. That’ll surely get the attention of those who need high-speed external storage devices.

Below is the price for all variants of the WD My Book (2016). It’s available in retail stores nationwide too, so you can head on to your nearest store to pick one up right now!

  • 3TB at RM519
  • 4TB at RM639
  • 6TB at RM 1,099
  • 8TB at RM 1,319
  • 10TB at RM 1,599

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