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Headphones are a pretty rare breed these days, especially when it comes to Bluetooth headphones since TWS earbuds are cheap and ubiquitous nowadays. OneOdio is a brand that insists on wireless headphones and created the A30 – a Bluetooth headphone with ANC.

It’s a rather simple headphone but I think it’s worth shining a spotlight on it because of what it offers.


Apologies as our unit of the OneOdio A30 comes in a wrecked box. The box isn’t exactly anything special, though. Just some spec highlights and that’s about it.

OneOdio A30

Inside the box, we can find a literal pack of cables – including an adapter for airplanes. That’s actually useful for when we are actually able to travel again.

There’s also a user manual which I don’t think we’ll need.

And there’s also another drawstring pouch to store the OneOdio A30. It doesn’t provide any form of protection but at least it won’t snag on anything else in the bag or whatever else you may have in your bag.

The headphone’s design

Look, the OneOdio A30 is a rather… bulky headphone, I’d say. It’s made entirely out of plastic and has the usual foam headband at the top and leatherette earcups.

OneOdio A30

The earcups can also rotate and face downwards and rest on the shoulders.

OneOdio A30

Other than that, the headphones remain… rather standard in terms of design. The OneOdio A30 feels like it’s unnecessarily big for no reason and has that “edgy” design to which I think is just to look cool?


In terms of features, the OneOdio A30 is pretty simple. The left earcup has a few buttons – volumes up and down, and also a power on/off button. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to use it in wired mode instead of Bluetooth. As shown earlier, that 3.5mm audio jack cable is included in the box too.

OneOdio A30

On the right side earcup, we have a USB-C port for charging, and a slider to toggle ANC on or off.

OneOdio A30

Sound quality

If ANC is turned off, then the sound quality – I’d say it’s pretty decent overall. It’s focused on bass and it does a good job of it as the bass is thumpy and enjoyable overall, vocals are pretty fine but the treble isn’t that good.

OneOdio A30

Nonetheless, I’ll still have an enjoyable listening experience. Just don’t turn on ANC.

ANC quality

I’d say that the noise isolation (when ANC is turned off) is already fantastic since it is using a leatherette earcup, and it creates a really tight seal around the ears to the point that my ears start to sweat.

OneOdio A30

When ANC is turned on, it takes about a second to fully “turn on” the ANC feature. I felt the pressure building up after that. The ANC definitely made it very difficult to hear the outside world but I immediately felt uncomfortable since the pressure is quite immense. I might be an outlier since I am not a fan of any form of ANC.

OneOdio A30

However, the ANC does heavily affect the sound quality. For one, the sound becomes… bassless. Yea, for some reason, the bass just disappears and my music just sounds completely different.

OneOdio A30

Does the ANC do its job? Yes. It shut off the outside world but also negatively impacts the sound quality. But, since we can “turn on” the ANC without actually turning on the headphone and connecting it to our phone, I’d say that the OneOdio A30 can serve as a silencer of some sort.

Should you buy the OneOdio A30?

If you want and like these types of headphones, then I think you can consider getting it. For the price of $69.99, it’s a bit hefty. However, you can get 20% off when you purchase the OneOdio A30 via their official website.

OneOdio A30

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