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This is one of OPPO’s new entry into the new Reno 6 series of devices. The Reno6 Z is positioned below the Reno 6, but it still brings a lot of fantastic features to the table.

So in today’s review, let’s take a look at the OPPO Reno6 Z and see what’s new.

Let’s first – do a quick unboxing. We do get quite a lot of things inside the box. Obviously, we have the OPPO Reno6 Z itself – then we also have the usual USB-C to USB-A cable, and also OPPO’s signature 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 charger. In the accessories box, we also get a transparent TPU case.

What’s interesting here is that OPPO also included wired earphones in the box. Curiously, I looked at the phone and I saw this – an audio jack!

As for the phone itself, we’ll be talking about it through our usual 6 points.

Let’s start off with – the design! This phone really looks… well, let’s just say eye-catching. The OPPO Reno6 Z comes in a total of 2 different colors and the one we have here is the Aurora color.

OPPO Reno6 Z

It’s called aurora because it changes colors while looking at it in different angles – which is obvious, but it also has a very rough matte finish. I mean, we can literally hear its roughness when I brush my finger across the back.

OPPO Reno6 Z

OPPO is also calling this texture the “OPPO Reno Glow” and at first, the texture felt weird to me. But eventually, I started loving this rough matte texture. Not so much about the colors though.

OPPO Reno6 Z

Then, the display. The OPPO Reno6 Z comes with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a very typical resolution of 2400×1080 pixels at 60Hz refresh rate. The screen is pretty good and looks fine by my eyes – so no problems there.

It does come with a pre-installed screen protector so that’s good.

By the way, the OPPO Reno6 Z also uses an under-display fingerprint scanner. It is placed way down low, which is not that ergonomic to use – but at least it’s pretty fast.

For the performance side of things, the OPPO Reno6 Z is fine. It’s definitely not the best in terms of performance as the MediaTek Dimensity 800U is decent enough for most games at the lowest graphical settings.

We also did gaming tests here so check it out here.

Paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage, the OPPO Reno6 Z is suitable for many use cases. If for whichever reason that 8GB RAM is not enough for you, then you can even expand it virtually by allocating up to 5GB of the internal storage as “RAM”.

Oh by the way – it also has 5G capabilities since it is using the Dimensity 800U – which supports 5G. Not like we can use it now, though.

OPPO Reno6 Z

The OPPO Reno6 Z also comes with a 4,310mAh battery which can last pretty long – which is to be expected as the MediaTek Dimensity 800U is a pretty low-powered chip.

OPPO Reno6 Z

It also comes with OPPO’s signature VOOC. For the Reno6 Z, we got the 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 charger which can charge the phone from 15% to 100% in less than an hour.

OPPO Reno6 Z

As for the cameras, we have a triple camera setup here and the main camera takes some pretty decent shots. The clarity is good and for an extremely sunny day, the dynamic range is pretty good too. But unfortunately, all these pictures are what I can take since… you know – we technically still can’t go out.

OPPO Reno6 Z

To have a look at all the pictures taken by the OPPO Reno6 Z, watch our video at the top of this review.

And then – the software side of things. The OPPO Reno6 Z comes with ColorOS 11 which we have praised during our OPPO A74 review for its cleanliness and overall good user experience – except for the amount of pre-installed apps and unremovable bloatware. The same thing applies to the OPPO Reno6 Z too, actually. Generally, I have no complaints in terms of software.

Still, ColorOS is pretty good overall.

OPPO Reno6 Z

Should you buy the OPPO Reno6 Z?

We still do not have the Malaysian pricing for this phone just yet but from what we can find – it’s at about $400 USD.

We still don’t have a solid conclusion for this video but if the estimated prices are anywhere near the local pricing – then it could be a bit too pricy for what it has to offer – particularly because of the chipset.

Still, the OPPO Reno6 Z does have a lot of positive highlights.

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