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When the POCO X3 Pro was announced and showed to the world, there were lots of people saying that it’s the best phone ever as they were already offering a phone with the very powerful Snapdragon 860 chipset at such a low price point. That is indeed an impressive feat… but it sounds too good to be true, right?

In a way, yes. So, let’s talk about the POCO X3 Pro and discover the truth behind this new “flagship killer”.


Okay, we’ll start off by talking about the performance of the POCO X3 Pro first. Many people are talking about the chipset – the Snapdragon 860 – because it’s the first phone to be using this chipset, and it is a very powerful chipset that can run heavy games like Genshin Impact at the highest settings.


I mean, yeah – combined with its 6GB RAM and 128GB of UFS 3.1 storage, the POCO X3 Pro surely offers amazing performance. But, the POCO X3 Pro only has performance as an advantage when compared to other phones at this price range.



When we look at the screen, it’s still the exact same screen as the POCO X3 NFC that we reviewed last year. Another 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen with 1080p resolution and can go up to 120Hz refresh rate. Colors are fine for an IPS LCD screen and that’s about it.

The design is also exactly the same as the POCO X3 NFC, except for the back. The one that we have here is called “Metal Bronze” and honestly speaking, it doesn’t look good.


Look, the original POCO X3 NFC is very similar except that it doesn’t have the two strips of matte finish at the top and bottom. Now, the POCO X3 Pro has those two strips of matte finish – and combined with the reflective, iridescent “POCO” branding – which is also something that I don’t like – I just want to cover it up with a case real quick.



And also the cameras. We have a total of 4 cameras still, but this is where POCO had to cut corners to lower the price of the POCO X3 Pro.

Watch our video at the top of this review to see all of the pictures taken by the POCO X3 Pro. Overall camera quality, quite disappointing.


As for the battery life, POCO stuck in the same 5,160mAh battery from the POCO X3 NFC into the POCO X3 Pro. It lasts for nearly 12 hours in our test at 1080p 120Hz – so it should last throughout the whole day if there’s no gaming involved.


The charging time is about the same as the POCO X3 NFC since they both come with the same 33W charger too. And again, it’s using its own proprietary charging standard which I wish they just go for USB-PD standard instead.

POCO X3 Pro battery charging time

Software – MIUI 12

And finally, MIUI 12 – I’m not gonna talk about it because we talked about it in another review. It’s the same here and I still think there are lots of room for improvement.


Should you buy the POCO X3 Pro?

I think we should not use the word “flagship killer” again because it’s just misleading and leaves a bad taste. Even after so many so-called “flagship killers” appeared in the market, those flagship phones are doing better than ever.


But, with that said, many people don’t need the best of everything on a smartphone – and that’s completely fine – just know exactly what you’re getting. The POCO X3 Pro is highly skewed to offer the best performance while sacrificing many other aspects of a phone – especially the cameras.

So, if you want the best performance only, then the POCO X3 Pro is the choice for you. But, if you want a more balanced smartphone experience, then maybe consider the Redmi Note 10 Pro.


Maybe get the Samsung Galaxy A52 or Galaxy A72. More expensive, yes – but much better user experience, and has full access to the Samsung ecosystem, including fantastic features like Samsung Pay and Edge Panel – which are still two features that I use constantly.

Also, Samsung promised a total of 3 generations worth of major Android software upgrades and 4 years of security updates for the Galaxy A-series of smartphones too. So far, I’ve not seen POCO making such promises or commitments yet.


Ultimately, for the price of RM999 for the POCO X3 Pro, it’s still a fantastic phone in terms of performance. That’s great for gaming – just not so much for everything else.

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