Then comes the TZLA Magnum 15000 mAh power bank also by PowerLogic. This brother is theoretically 3 times bigger than the TZLA Slim 5000 mAh power bank – that’s a lot! This review will be very similar with the TZLA Slim 5000 mAh which you can always check it out here, so let’s get down to this review!

DSC_5429 copy

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

The experience is exactly the same as the Slim 5000 – even the box size is the same.

DSC_5433 copy

Contents and everything inside is also the same, so might as well just skip ahead.

DSC_5468 copy

Getting the same contents as the Slim 5000 – a charging cable, a user manual, the power bank itself, and a silicon case.

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