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Recently, we’ve been a big shift in power banks – all thanks to Xiaomi. Many customers are in the know now, and currently searching for power banks that have high quality battery cells in it, and also the output amperage.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

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Then comes PowerLogic TZLA (pronounced as Tesla) series of power banks. It’s a refreshing look on high quality, small capacity power banks, and certainly caught tonnes of attention.

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Both power banks – the TZLA Slim 5000 and the TZLA Magnum 15000 comes with the same design language, but we’re going to focus on the left one right now – the TZLA Slim 5000.

The power banks come in a rather peculiar packaging, as it comes in a very low-profile grey colour box with a magnetic flap that has the word TZLA printed on it.

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Open the flap and the power bank is presented right in front of you, and you’ll see two plastic stickers – one at the top, another at the bottom.

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Then, open the flap on the opposite direction and you get to your power bank. Underneath the power bank is where you’ll find a USB cable, a nicely moulded silicon case made specifically for the TZLA Slim 5000, and a user manual.

It’s disappointing to see that PowerLogic included a USB charging cable only, so you cannot transfer data through it as it lacks those wires inside the cable itself. By doing so, the cable is definitely slimmer, but is also a little more fragile and you will need another cable if you want to transfer data from any device that uses micro USB.

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