Early this year, we were approached by Reecho audio about their Indigogo project for the EchoWeek. This is a pair of true wireless earbuds that promises style points through its multitude of color choices. Best of all you’ll get both earbuds and the cradle in matching colors too!

That does sound great – and I immediately asked Reecho if they could send me the orange color one. They said okay and will be sending in a month or so.

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The crowdfunding surprise

There general consensus about crowdfunding projects is the surprise plot twist that you’re going to get. It could be a project that never ships their product, promised a lot but ended up nowhere near what was shown, or ship the product as shown. Maybe add in a few shipment delays too.

The Reecho EchoWeek is something that shipped but ended up nowhere near what was shown, and had a very long delay.

Here’s what we mean by that. We were contacted somewhere in February, said it was going to be shipped a month later, but it never happened and I totally forgot about it. Fast forward to in July, I received a random parcel out of nowhere. I opened it and there it was – the Reecho EchoWeek.


Review - Reecho EchoWeek: Lots of plot twists 1

I was excited. Reecho’s video that showed the EchoWeek looked really great with the orange color scheme. I’m a sucker for orange and turquoise colors, by the way. The front of the packaging is fairly basic, it just shows an image of the EchoWeek with the lid opened.

Reecho EchoWeek
Look at the colors that they show off!

At the back of the box, we can still see the promised aesthetics of the Reecho EchoWeek. That got me amped up!

Review - Reecho EchoWeek: Lots of plot twists 2

Once I got the sleeve slid off and opened the lid, the crowdfunding surprise hit me – is this even orange color? I mean it says orange on the box, but it’s literally gold in color!

Reecho EchoWeek

The box is also unnecessarily big with a rather weird layout. Here we can see the golden-colored (claimed to be orange) cradle alongside with the earbuds themselves. The earbuds are nowhere near orange as they’re just completely blacked out. So much crowdfunding surprise in this one unboxing!

Review - Reecho EchoWeek: Lots of plot twists 3

Reecho chose to print the instructions onto the sleeve that wraps around the EchoWeek’s cradle. I mean yeah, that works – but the text is tiny.

Under the first layer, we can see that Reecho is pretty considerate in terms of the eartip and hook sizes. We have two different types of eartips, one with a smaller diameter and another with a bigger one, and also two more different sizes of hooks. No complaints here.

Reecho EchoWeek

We also found the micro USB charging cable here – which I think it’s okay considering the time of production of the Reecho EchoWeek.


I honestly am very disappointed by why Reecho has promised and what was delivered. If you look at their Indiegogo campaign page, you can see the list of complaints regarding this outright lie from Reecho. They have consistently provided updates on the crowdfunding page, but never once they addressed the color issue until backers received the EchoWeek. Their statement was pretty horribly translated from Chinese, too.

Apologize to all backers & For better user experience

Dear backers,

Many inner shells of EchoWeek in the process of production has nonnegligible flaws, in order to ensure that the best user experience, we used black inner uniformly. To compensate all backers, we use better and more expensive materials and processes to produce our products. Apologize for your inconvenience and thank you for your long-term support and care.



If Reecho claims to have “nonnegligible flaws” if the earbuds aren’t black in color, then they should’ve informed the backers earlier. Never lie to your customers. It could be that Reecho is doing this to save cost – which is logical since the product is fairly low-priced to begin with.

Reecho EchoWeek
This… is definitely not the orange color I ordered.

The Reecho EchoWeek themselves are excellently built, though. Especially the cradle as it is made entirely out of metal with a rather large anti-slip pad at the bottom to prevent scratches. If you’ve played with hinged metal lids that produces a nice clink sound when closed, then the Reecho EchoWeek can do the same as well. Honestly, this was my fidget toy for quite some time.

The earbuds themselves are pretty alright. They’re made out of plastic and very round in shape. It uses standard eartips and it has hooks as well. These hooks enable the earbud to latch onto the ear and makes it difficult for it to fall off. I love this simple, minimalist approach to this issue.

Reecho EchoWeek

What I don’t like is the gigantic button on the earbuds. Seriously, having buttons at the center of these true wireless earbuds is already annoying enough – but placing them at the side? That made me pinch the earbud instead when I want to press the button.


The Reecho EchoWeek comes with some rather simple features. Though, I don’t really want to use these gestures at all since it literally requires me to pinch the earbud to press the button. Might as well whip out my phone to do these tasks.

Review - Reecho EchoWeek: Lots of plot twists 4

Using the Reecho EchoWeek

All “crowdfunding surprise” aside, I really love the Reecho EchoWeek. I was using it as my daily driver for a few reasons – the good comfort fit, the hook that secures the earbud to my ear, and finally – the decent sound quality.

I like how the bass sounds clear and thumps, while both the vocals and highs are still maintain pretty well. It’s a joy to listen to.

Reecho EchoWeek

However, there are a few things that I don’t like about the Reecho EchoWeek. As mentioned, the button position. That is just horrendous – but I have a habit of whipping out my phone to control music anyway, so that button is just a minor inconvenience for me.

Secondly, the microphone quality. The microphones themselves are okay – but the position is what makes the microphone sound terrible.

Battery life

They’re somewhat okay. From our test, it can go about 4 hours on rather loud volume. We wouldn’t even wear for 4 hours straight unless it’s a long flight with crying babies in the plane.

The cradle is able to charge it about 3 times, which is alright.

Wrapping up the Reecho EchoWeek review

Will I recommend you to pick up the Reecho EchoWeek? Honestly, yes. Putting aside the promised color problem, the Reecho EchoWeek is a very nice pair of earbuds. It catered for multiple different types of eartips and also has different sizes of hooks. Obviously, there are room for improvement – especially the position of the button.

I can see that this is Reecho’s first time dabbling into crowdfunding projects and maybe even the company’s first product. However, Reecho Audio as a company, seems to have faded out of existence after delivering the EchoWeek to the backers. Its Indiegogo account, Twitter, and Facebook Page have all gone dead silent. But, their website is still alive.

Reecho EchoWeek

But what’s the price of the Reecho EchoWeek? It’s priced at ¥299 Yuan – about ~RM177. It’s not named as the EchoWeek anymore, but as the Reecho WH-189 and is available in black color only. You can buy it at their website, though it’s written entirely in Chinese. And it loads extremely slow.

Reecho Audio, if you’re reading this – know that communication is key, especially for a crowdfunded project. I can look past the color controversy, but that was your main highlight in your campaign. Obviously, the backers are going to be angry. But you made a good product – so I’m giving you a pass this time.

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