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We just reviewed the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but now, we’re taking a look at the company’s entry-level smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A02s has a pretty nice name too – like an anime mecha bot.

That aside, here’s our review of the entry-level smartphone, Galaxy A02s. It’s not really that entry-level actually.

Acer Nitro 5

We’ll be going through a total of 6 points, just like how we review other phones too.


Starting with the design. It looks like a polycrystalline structure with a few boundary layers marked as lines. Overall, sleek design even for an entry-level smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

There are also a few different colors too. For us here in Malaysia, the Samsung Galaxy A02s is available in black and blue only.

Samsung Galaxy A02s


We should also highlight the nonexistent camera bump here which is pretty rare for a smartphone nowadays.

The camera cutout looks an awful lot like the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones – and although there are a total of 3 cameras here, only two of them are able to be used to take pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

To have a look at all the pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy A02s, watch the review video at the top of this page.


Again, nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s a 6.2-inch PLS LCD screen – which is Samsung’s version of IPS panels. I think it’s also using the same screen as the Galaxy A12 as it has the same size, same resolution, and also same motion blur when scrolling through pages.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

The brightness is also pretty decent but doesn’t expect it to be usable outdoors – mainly because of the screen reflections. The colors look okay though it does appear more blue compared to the Galaxy A12.

Battery life

One word – excellent. We got about 16 hours and 44 minutes from our PC Mark test with its 5,000mAh battery. That’s amazing.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

But the charging time though takes 3 hours to charge from 15% to 100% using our Ugreen GaN charger. That’s…. rather slow.

Samsung Galaxy A02s


The specs of this phone though, are fairly simple. The exact model that we have comes with:

  • Snapdragon 450 chipset
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB storage

It’s pretty basic but generally, performance is somewhat fine. There’s a slight delay before anything happens on screen when I press on a button, but overall – still acceptable.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

While benchmarks don’t translate to real-life user experience, we can share the information that the Samsung Galaxy A02s does take a few milliseconds between tapping something on the screen and something show up on screen. Still, it’s expected for a smartphone of this range.


And comes the software version. It’s using One UI Core version 2.5 on top of Android 10, which means it looks and feels like One UI but doesn’t have the One UI features like Edge Panel or Samsung Pay.

Samsung Galaxy A02s

Oh, the Galaxy A02s doesn’t even have a fingerprint scanner. There is face recognition, though.

Samsung Galaxy A02s


And finally, the price. Here in Malaysia, we only have the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage at RM529. Some sellers are even selling it as low as RM499 which is quite a decent price.

Now, again like what we mentioned in our Galaxy A12 review – I know what you’re thinking – there are some other phones in the market that offers better specs and performance for RM499. And again, we know which phones you’re referring to.

And I’ll tell you the same thing again – the user experience that One UI offers is a lot better and the software is the one thing that we all have to interact with when we unlock the phone.

Once again – it depends on what you prioritize when you’re looking to get a smartphone.

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