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I gotta say, Samsung’s naming scheme of their Galaxy A series of smartphones is very good. This phone that we have here is the Galaxy A12. The “1” here depicts its tier, and the “2” depicts its generation.

With that naming scheme in mind, that means the Galaxy A12 is not the most entry-level smartphone that Samsung has to offer. So, let’s talk about it.

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We’ll talk about this phone in a total of 6 different points, just like how we review most smartphones in Nasi Lemak Tech.


Starting off with the design, this hue of blue that Samsung used for the Galaxy A12 is just beautiful, in my opinion. It’s not the typical blue as it does have a tinge of green in it. Under certain reflections, the green shows up more and I love it.

Samsung Galaxy A12

That 2-part geometric design makes it look sleek as heck too. I mean, it has a style of its own that’s unique.


Then comes the screen. It’s a decently-sized 6.5-inch screen that uses PLS LCD screen – which according to Gamers Nexus, is developed by Samsung and better than the commonly-found IPS LCDs.

Samsung Galaxy A12

From my eyes, this 6.5-inch screen is definitely hindered by its 720p screen. The pixel response time is also noticeably slower since I can see motion blur when I swipe between home screens.

Samsung Galaxy A12

The colors look decent enough for everyday use and watching videos.

Oh – by the way, the fingerprint scanner doubles as a power button at the right side of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A12


There are a total of 4 cameras on this phone, all of them are housed in this square cutout at the back. Generally, its specs are pretty decent as shown on the screen here.

Samsung Galaxy A12

The camera quality is surprisingly decent and also very characteristically Samsung. To have a look at all of the picture samples, watch the video at the top of this review.


The specs of the Galaxy A12 that we have here, in particular, comes with:

  • MediaTek Helio P35 chipset
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage

Overall performance for day-to-day use is actually not bad. It’s good enough for Facebook, Twitter, Chrome web-browsing, and all of those tasks.

Here are a few benchmarks that we did just for the sake of curiosity.

Samsung Galaxy A12

Battery life

The battery life. It has a 5,000mAh battery and because it is such a low-powered chipset, the battery can last for an extremely long time in our battery life test. 14 hours and 38 minutes to be exact – and that means you can comfortably get 2 days worth of battery life in just one charge.

Samsung Galaxy A12

The charging time is as expected, and requires 2 hours to get from 15% to 100%. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Samsung Galaxy A12


As for the software, it’s running a stripped-down version of One UI called One UI Core version 2.5 on top of Android 10. One UI Core here means it looks and feels like the One UI from the flagships, but missing quite a number of features like Edge Panel and Samsung Pay, although this phone has NFC support…

Samsung Galaxy A12

Do I recommend the Samsung Galaxy A12?

We’ll start with the price first. For Malaysia, the Galaxy A12 is only available in 6GB RAM + 128GB storage version, and priced at RM799. I also found one seller at RM699 too, actually.

And before you start typing in the comment section saying that it’s expensive and we can get a better deal elsewhere, I know. And I also know which phone you’re referring to.

Samsung Galaxy A12

But the Samsung Galaxy A12 here offers a much better user experience – especially the software – in comparison with other phones in this category. And since the software is what we interact with whenever we touch the device, I’d argue that some people will definitely pay more to get a better experience.

So, ultimately it boils down to what matters to you the most in a smartphone. If you want a much better user experience with better software, go for the Galaxy A12.

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